He Never Says I Love You and Walks Away

Carolyn’s Online Magazine


Nancy Briskay Cornell Lipsius


(This Untitled poem was in Nancy’s collections of writings)

He never says “I love you”

And walks away

“I love you” is in his eyes

When he looks my way

And tucks me into the

Warmth of his smile.

“I love you” is in the tedium

Of waiting

To drive me to work or take me home,

To take me shopping,

Or just to wander ‘round our favorite mall.

Delaware Park, hand in hand.

“I love you” is the not-quite-by-accident

Touch of hands

Holding the hymnal.

In the mingling of tears

By the grave side.

“I love you” is in the joy and excitement

Of shared adventures in Germany

When I come to him weary and spent

His home-cooked dinner,

Complete with wine,

Is “I love you.”

“I love you” is in the silence

By the fire, book in hand,

nodding, dreaming.

“I love you” is the clash of thoughts,


The sometimes



His “I love you” is tenderness, cradling

A new-born,

The depth of his patience with a toddler taking first steps,

His stern rebuke to a teenager taking too many steps.

He holds me up as a princess

With his “I love you”

Offered with the silly gifts,

The ripe red tomato from his garden.

“I love you” is in all his triumphs,

Inept trials and errors.

He never says “I love you”

And walks away.


(Her daughter Cynthia:  I believe this one was written for Dad.)


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1 Response to He Never Says I Love You and Walks Away

  1. Grace ( & Fred) Wells says:

    Good, thanks for the composition from the guest writer


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