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Lithuanian Recipes: Dumplings, Beet Soup

Carolyn’s Online Magazine LITHUANIAN RECIPES: ZEPPELINS—LARGE DUMPLINGS SALTIBARSCIAI: Lithuanian cold beet soup DUMPLINGS Through the years I’ve been familiarizing myself with my cultural background—Swedish, French, Irish, German, English—and Lithuanian. This Easter I hope to introduce one or more Lithuanian dishes to our … Continue reading

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Paraprosdokian Twists

Carolyn’s Online Magazine PARAPROSDOKIAN TWISTS I opened my email this morning and saw a strange word in the subject line. Since I trusted the sender—my friend Alice from Lakeside, Ohio, who lives in Australia—my curiosity made me open the correspondence. … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday: A Disciple’s Point of View

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (COMe) PALM SUNDAY: A DISCIPLE’S POINT OF VIEW The Rev. Monte W. Holland, guest writer Palm Sunday occurs exactly one week before Easter. Thus, it is subject to the same change of date each year as is … Continue reading

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Ephemeral Photographed

Carolyn’s Online Magazine EPHEMERAL PHOTOGRAPHED  The WordPress photo challenge for March 27, 2015, is ephemeral: Show us your interpretation. According to, ephemeral means lasting a short time; short-lived, transitory.

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Rethink Church Lenten Photos Week 6

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (COMe) RETHINK CHURCH LENTEN PHOTOS Week 6 (Additional Lenten reading: Palm Sunday Traditions in Lithuania) During 2015 Lent Rethink Church*, a ministry of the United Methodist (Church) Communications, is sponsoring a photo-a-day challenge based on reflections and perceptions … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday Traditions in Lithuania

Carolyn’s Online Magazine PALM SUNDAY TRADITIONS IN LITHUANIA   Lithuanian church liturgy surrounding Easter week rites, including Palm Sunday, are comparable to those in other parts of the world. However, many Easter traditions outside that church liturgy are uniquely Lithuanian. … Continue reading

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Weaving the Threads Through 8 Parts in One Post

Carolyn’s Online Magazine Weaving the Thread of One Location Through 8 Parts of an Article The March 24, 2105 WordPress prompt is Weaving the Threads: Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common … Continue reading

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