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Remember the television show FANTASY?  A show making dreams come true? A show where ordinary people (like you and me) from all over the United States wrote in to have their wishes granted on national television? Well, below is a … Continue reading

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It’s a Matter of Perspective: How Children Learn Attitudes

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) IT’S A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE: How Do Children Learn Attitudes? As people in the moderately busy mall passed by Mary they observed her bottle feeding an infant, Kiesha. A mother holding the hand of a child … Continue reading

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Four Years of Shaving Vince’s Head for St. Baldrick’s Foundation

Carolyn’s Online Magazine  (#COMe) THIS IS VINCE’S 4TH YEAR OF HEAD-SHAVING FOR ST. BALDRICK’S FOUNDATION This picture just came in—March 5, 2016— A couple of days before the head-shaving event:  A previous year’s photo: If almost-12-year-old Vince can shave his … Continue reading

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Children’s Stories & Poems for Valentine’s Day

Carolyn’s Online Magazine CHILDREN’S STORIES & POEMS for VALENTINE’S DAY ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ALSO READ: See also 11 Facts About Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day Photos & Quotes ~~~~~~~~~~~~ For children (of all ages) I surfed the Internet and found the following sites with … Continue reading

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Why this 5th grader shaves his head each March: St. Baldrick’s

Carolyn’s Online Magazine WHY HAS FIFTH GRADER VINCE SHAVED HIS HEAD EACH MARCH FOR THREE YEARS? Vince H. (Grandson of Monte and Carolyn Holland) is Shaving (his head) to Cure Childhood Cancers If Vince can shave his head, can you donate? … Continue reading

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Three Rivers Cup Hockey Tournament 2015

Carolyn’s Online Magazine THREE RIVERS CUP TOURNAMENT 2015 PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA: YOUTH HOCKEY On the weekend of February 14-16 I found myself watching four hockey games at the Three Rivers Cup Hockey Tournament, 2015 with my husband Monte and my son … Continue reading

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Steamy the Steam-man

CAROLYN’S ONLINE MAGAZINE (COMe) STEAMY THE STEAM-MAN Marcus Holland** with Carolyn Cornell Holland You’ve probably heard of Frosty the Snowman. But I’ll bet you never heard about Steamy the Steam-man. Steamy lives in Brazil. Around the time that Christmas is … Continue reading

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