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Dog Tales: Black, Molly, & Saphira

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (COMe) DOG TALES: BLACK, MOLLY, AND SAPHIRA Did you know that there are over three hundred words for love in canine? —Gabrielle Zevin, Elsewhere On June 7, 2015, my husband Monte and I became grandparents again—this time to a boxer … Continue reading

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It’s Raining. Do We Need the Noah’s Ark in Frostburg, MD?

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) DO WE NEED THE NOAH’S ARK IN FROSTBURG, MARYLAND? The Rains Continue in the Ligonier Valley  MEOoOOW! MEOW! MeeeOW! Thinking one of my cats was in trouble I hurried to the door only to find King Big … Continue reading

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One Second: Oh, What Shall I Do?

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) ONE SECOND: OH, WHAT SHALL I DO? The earth is slowing down a little bit, according to the Paris Observatory. On January 5, 2015, it* announced that in June an extra second will be added to … Continue reading

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Water and Birds in Action: My Muse

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) WATER AND BIRDS IN ACTION In Answer to the Question: What is My Muse? This is the first time I had to surf the Internet to respond to a Wordpress photo prompt, show us your muse. The word “muse” … Continue reading

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My Summer At a Canadian Beach

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) MY SUMMER AT A CANADIAN BEACH A photo album on my dining room table was open to several photographs I’d used in a previous COMe article, Betcha’ Didn’t Know …I Once Was Part of a Bellows-Making Company. … Continue reading

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Our Dolls Wore Fancy Hand-Crafted Clothes

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) OUR DOLLS WORE FANCY HAND-CRAFTED CLOTHES The WordPress writing prompt for June 22, 2015, is Toy Story: What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your … Continue reading

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How to Identify a Garter (Garden) Snake

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) HOW TO IDENTIFY A GARTER (GARDEN) SNAKE To all the negative publicity my community, Laurel Mountain Borough, has received this spring, let me add another one: snakes. I learned about one today. I walked up to … Continue reading

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