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Dog Tales: Black, Molly, & Saphira

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (COMe) DOG TALES: BLACK, MOLLY, AND SAPHIRA Did you know that there are over three hundred words for love in canine? —Gabrielle Zevin, Elsewhere On June 7, 2015, my husband Monte and I became grandparents again—this time to a boxer … Continue reading

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It’s Raining. Do We Need the Noah’s Ark in Frostburg, MD?

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) DO WE NEED THE NOAH’S ARK IN FROSTBURG, MARYLAND? The Rains Continue in the Ligonier Valley  MEOoOOW! MEOW! MeeeOW! Thinking one of my cats was in trouble I hurried to the door only to find King Big … Continue reading

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One Second: Oh, What Shall I Do?

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) ONE SECOND: OH, WHAT SHALL I DO? The earth is slowing down a little bit, according to the Paris Observatory. On January 5, 2015, it* announced that in June an extra second will be added to … Continue reading

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Water and Birds in Action: My Muse

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) WATER AND BIRDS IN ACTION In Answer to the Question: What is My Muse? This is the first time I had to surf the Internet to respond to a Wordpress photo prompt, show us your muse. The word “muse” … Continue reading

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My Summer At a Canadian Beach

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) MY SUMMER AT A CANADIAN BEACH A photo album on my dining room table was open to several photographs I’d used in a previous COMe article, Betcha’ Didn’t Know …I Once Was Part of a Bellows-Making Company. … Continue reading

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Our Dolls Wore Fancy Hand-Crafted Clothes

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) OUR DOLLS WORE FANCY HAND-CRAFTED CLOTHES The WordPress writing prompt for June 22, 2015, is Toy Story: What was your favorite plaything as a child? Do you see any connection between your life now, and your … Continue reading

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How to Identify a Garter (Garden) Snake

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) HOW TO IDENTIFY A GARTER (GARDEN) SNAKE To all the negative publicity my community, Laurel Mountain Borough, has received this spring, let me add another one: snakes. I learned about one today. I walked up to … Continue reading

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Rainbow Colors in Ligonier and Laurel Mountain Borough, PA

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) RAINBOW COLORS IN LIGONIER AND LAUREL MOUNTAIN BOROUGH, Pennsylvania The WordPress photo prompt for June 19, 2015, is Roy G. Biv—red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet—show  all the colors of the rainbow. The photographs were … Continue reading

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PA Child Abuse & Police Clearance Fees for Volunteers Waived as of July 25, 2015

Carolyn’s Online Magazine PA CHILD ABUSE & POLICE CLEARANCES FEES FOR VOLUNTEERS TO BE WAIVED STARTING JULY 25, 2015 During April, National Child Abuse Prevention month, I posted an article discussing the issue of persons assuming organizations are safe if … Continue reading

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What Is It About June 18th?

Carolyn’s Online Magazine WHAT IS IT ABOUT JUNE 18TH? After a week of dismal, rainy weather, in which 4.5 inches of rain fell in a pair of days, I look forward to a sunny, cool, pleasant June 18, 2015. If … Continue reading

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