About Carolyn

Welcome to Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe).

I fashion myself as a writographer—eg., a fusion of a writer and a photographer. At one time I thought I invented the word (I Created a New Word: Writography. Or Did I?)

My home is nestled in the woods and surrounded by streams in Laurel Mountain Borough, at the foothill of Laurel Mountain in the Ligonier Valley, Pennsylvania. It’s a small community of 189 full time residents (Idyllic Laurel Mountain Borough (Pa))

Although I probably had an article or two published in the Kensington High School  and/or the Junior Achievement of Niagara County (Buffalo, New York) newsletters, I consider my first journalism article published in the Erie County Technical Institute newsletter: TRUE CONFESSIONS OF A GLASS

I began serious freelance journalism in 1995 when I started writing for the Greenville Record Argus and the Meadville Tribune (Western PA). I’ve since written for the Tribune Review and several magazines.

Taking photographs for my articles birthed my active trigger finger. Since I learned to insert photographs into blog posts I’ve used many to illustrate my articles.

I break a blogging guideline by not limiting my articles to one or two subjects.

My first writing blog on the Problogs host site moved when the site had a change in ownership making it unworkable for my purposes. My second blog, CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS, evolved into a magazine format as I wrote about a variety of topics and issues. After 1350 articles the site ran out of space, necessiting a move to Carolyn’s Online Magazine (COMe), which retains the magazine format.

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Carolyn owes thanks to you for your loyalty to CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS . Please revisit the site to read articles of interest to you.

1 Response to About Carolyn

  1. carol schwartzmiller says:

    Hi Carolyn!
    My husband and I met you and your husband at the chili cook-off last weekend. We talked about Lizzy Borden and an old run down house in Appollo.
    Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=365081793616596&set=gm.625104957620110&type=3&pnref=story

    Feel free to contact me on facebook.


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