My Novel-Under-Construction Update 4/15/2015

Today is April 20, 2015. The end-date of my 3-month commitment to writing my novel was April 15th.

All in all, the project went well. Between January 15 and April 15 there are 90 days of writing. I stopped writing on April 1 to prepare for Easter. By then I’d spent 75 days had passed.

However, I missed 7 days—4 days out of town to attend my grandson’s soccer championships, 3 days for doctor appointments or other obligations.

But by working overtime I made up at least 1 day.

Thus, by April 1st I’d put in 68 day, with plans to complete the remaining 22 days immediately after my Easter break.

I suspect you know what happens to the best laid plans—they go berserk.

My husband Monte and I found ourselves traveling to Florida for 3 weeks, and I had to prepare for the unexpected adventure. Sometimes in life we must take advantage of our paths being redirected. Our travels are introducing us to family members we haven’t met yet, as well as family and long-time friends we haven’t seen for a quarter century or more.

The travel has been very interesting thus far, but it is NOT conducive to writing my novel. My remaining time is delayed, justifiably. At least I think so.

Therefore, I will begin completing my last 22 days of my writing commitment on or about May 10, which means it will not be completed until the second day of June.


The project so far has been beneficial. The first draft of my novel is well under way. I plowed through the most difficult part with some difficulty and have the novel laid out so I can travel through it on my rewrites. I celebrated a “new year” March 21st when I moved from December 31, 1792 to January 1, 1793. This time transition was matched by a land speculation purchase—William Bingham purchased the land tracts that were overinvested in by Gen. Henry Knox and William Duer. It was a most difficult time in the novel, but I now think I have a handle on it. My next 22 days will take me traveling through most of the remaining novel, after which I can do rewrites and check my research to see what I left out.

I’m writing this in Jacksonville, Florida. Tomorrow Monte and I will leave Florida, stop in Valdosta and other points in Georgia, then head to North Carolina to visit more relatives and friends.

Meanwhile, the novel is stewing in the back of my mind and a writer from Pittsburgh is grateful to have a “writer’s retreat” at our home, caring for our cats and our house.


My next, and final, update should be written June 2. Until then, I hope your writing or other projects are progressing at a good pace.

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