Subscription (Follow) Challenges


During 2016 Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) is sponsoring several subscription/follow challenges to raise funds for various organizations.

For each subscription/follow and/or like made to Carolyn’s Online Magazine during the listed fundraiser I will donate a set amount to the designated organization. For example, for the first fundraiser, 2/1/2016-2/14/2016, I’ll donate $2.00 to the American Heart Association for each subscription/follow.

  • (If you’re reading this and want to subscribe follow the directions below at TO SUBSCRIBE)

At the end of the fundraiser I’ll post the amount donated to the organization.

Keep your eye on the Subscription (Follow) Challenges page at the top of Carolyn’s Online Magazine you for the current subscription/follow challenge.

If you already have a subscription/follow, invite someone else to subscribe—sent=d them a this link or a link to a specific fundraiser. Help make the fundraisers a success.

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  • Locate the ‘follow’ icon in the upper right hand corner of each blog page (it is above my photo)
  • Enter your e-mail address, which is not made public.
  • Once you subscribe/follow you will receive e-mail notification of each article posted on Carolyn’s Online Magazine.

Upcoming fundraisers include the following:

  • 2/1/2016 American Heart Association (Wear Red Day for women’s heart issues)
  • 4/2016 Blackburn Center (domestic violence issues and solutions—Walk a Mile in Her Shoes 4/16)
  • 4/2016 Foothills Writers   Write a card/letter, Write a Poem