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Highest Priced Coffee Made from Elephant Excrement

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) COFFEE MADE FROM ELEPHANT AND CIVET DUNG WHAT’S NEXT? BEER? How’s that coffee you’re enjoying this morning? Would you like a cup of brew with a much better flavor? One that allegedly has an earthy flavor … Continue reading

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Groundhog Day Quotes, Jokes, & Coloring Pages

Carolyn’s Online Magazine GROUNDHOG DAY QUOTES, JOKES & COLORING PAGES An online writer, Flying LlamaFish, stated that groundhog day is a freakin’ holiday entirely based on the power of a psychic rodent. If that isn’t the epitome of awesome, I … Continue reading

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Santa Got Chewed Up By a Doggie

Carolyn’s Online Magazine SANTA GOT CHEWED UP BY A DOGGIE NOTE: The WordPress photo challenge for December 22, 2015, is to take a moment to embrace the “now,” sharing a photo of that moment. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Following a very busy pre-Christmas … Continue reading

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Dogs…and Their Tongues

Carolyn’s Online Magazine DOGS…AND THEIR TONGUES I’m away from Internet this Saturday so instead of responding to the weekly WordPress photo prompt I posted some photos I’ve shot of dogs. The quotes are from a column written by Mark Morrone. … Continue reading

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Surprising Cat Tales: Part 1

Carolyn’s Compositions SURPRISING CAT TALES PART 1 Below are 5 feline stories pulled from print media. Since I don’t have access to their pictures I’ve used cat photos from my photography archives to stand in for them. Watch for a … Continue reading

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How Do You Transfer Large Livestock From Ship to Shore?

Carolyn’s Compositions HOW DO YOU TRANSFER LARGE LIVESTOCK FROM SHIP TO SHORE? Have you ever wondered how oxen, bulls, and cows were transferred from ships to shore in 1790s Maine? If so, the answer is in the two stories related … Continue reading

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Osprey and Seagulls Soar With Abandon

Carolyn’s Online Magazine OSPREY AND SEAGULLS SOAR WITH ABANDON Although I know it isn’t true, birds soar freely and carefree. Birds, like humans, have a difficult life, seeking food and survival from attacks by predators and weather. While visiting St. … Continue reading

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