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Letter to the Editor re Child Abuse/Criminal Clearances is Published

CAROLYN’S ONLINE MAGAZINE (#COMe) LETTER TO THE EDITOR ABOUT WAIVING FEES FOR CHILD ABUSE/CRIMINAL CLEARANCES IS PUBLISHED I’m pleased to announce that the Greensburg Tribune-Review published my letter-to-the-editor submission today. Below is the link to this letter, followed by links to … Continue reading

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Opening Doors to New York State Adventures

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) OPENING DOORS TO NEW YORK STATE ADVENTURES July—a time to kick back, relieve ourselves from the heat, enjoy the gifts of hot summer days, complaining of the heat as much as we complained about winter’s cold. … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Anyone Watch Jurassic Park?

Carolyn’s Online Magazine DOESN’T ANYONE WATCH JURASSIC PARK, EVEN IN THIS RESTAURANT? My husband Monte and I were dining at a Ponderosa buffet in Butler, Pennsylvania, a spot chosen because it had WiFi. We wanted to check our email and … Continue reading

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Dear Mom, I Wish You’d Told Me You Released My Two Sisters for Adoption

Dear Mom, I wish you’d somehow found a way to inform me that you released not one, but two, of my younger sisters for adoption. I already wrote you the following letter: My Mother’s Special 90th Birthday Gift At the end … Continue reading

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Just a Jolly July: Experiencing I-net Withdrawal

FYI, I haven’t abandoned Carolyn’s Online Magazine. On July 4th we traveled to Slippery Rock, then left for Northern New York on July 9. There we attended a Holland family wedding on July 10 (on the St. Lawrence River). We … Continue reading

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Writing Acrostic Poetry

Carolyn’s Online Magazine (#COMe) WRITING ACROSTIC POETRY While Waiting For Dinner at a Restaurant I can’t quite recall the quote, but it goes something like this: The worst thing you experience is what you are experiencing now. I’d like to … Continue reading

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