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In my general reading I mark meaningful quotes. Below are Quotes #25-36 gleaned from magazine articles or other sources, quotes which might otherwise not be found in other lists of writing quotes.

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25.  Do we really need to explain why poetry, art, philosophy and theater matter? Really, at what point did we have to start defending the value of knowing ourselves? Of human complexity? Of analysis? Communication? Meaning? —Laura Skandera Trombley, president of Pitzer College and presidency of Huntington Library Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA

26.  One major idea of what the book about is resisting single truths or apparent truths. Human lives and humans themselves are so complicated. What we see on the surface is not what’s happening. Theres no one story that’s happening. Everything’s constantly shifting. You just never know what’s happening inside another human being. —Lauren Groff, author of Fates and Furies

27.  Privacy is for your diary. Essays are for readers. —Rachel Scheller

28.  I spend a lot of time reading every sentence over and over again, focusing on details. I mean small details, like word choices. Very often, that’s what is going to determine what is going to make an idea funny-sounding or not. It can be as detailed as using the word ‘got’ instead of ‘received,’ for example. I think it’s important to try out as many variations of phrases and words until you hit the right one. Even slight variances in punctuation can make a difference in the way humor is transmitted to the reader. —Dave Barry, Writer’s Digest 1998

29.  It’s only publishers and some journalists who believe that people want simple things. People are tired of simple things. They want to be challenged. (response to critics who found him ‘too erudite and philosophical, too difficult,’ saying he wrote ‘for masochists.’) —Umberto Eco, author, Name of the Rose

30.  The act of writing something that felt exciting to me made me want to write more, which is absolutely crucial. When you’ve tried and tried and tried with one story and it isn’t happening, write another. —Aimee Bender, The Girl in the Flammable Shirt (short stories)

31.  I have some things that I’ve started and lost interest in or abandoned for whatever good reason. I think that’s all part of the process. Even if you’ve been working on something and it’s not working or you lose interest in it or your energy flags or whatever, I feel you’ve gained something. I never feel that a book I began and didn’t pursue is in some way a failure. —Alice McDermott, National Book award winner

32.  The longer I do journalism, the more important I think journalism is. I have no interest in stopping working — ever.Terry Stephan MS ’78 is a freelance writer in Chicago

33.  The basic advice is to write…For me, writing is a need. It’s the degree of yearning that separates the real writer from the ‘would-be’s.’ Those who say ‘I’ll write when I have time, when the kids are grown up or when I have a quiet place to work’ will probably never do it. —Mary Higgins Clark, author

34.  I work on a manuscript from 8:00 a. m. until 12 noon daily, seven days a week. Then after lunch I spend about an hour editing the work I did the day before. At first it was hard for me to sit in an office chair staring at a blank page for even 20 minutes—there was always something else that needed doing. I had to work my way up to the four hours. It wasn’t easy. —Olivia Goldsmith, author of First Wives Club

35.  Writers influence the world. The power of the pen is mighty. Shape and use your talent wisely for the good of all and yourself. Writers are historians, teachers, philosophers, story tellers, and communicators. Writing takes time and effort. The pay may not be high but a true writer seems destined to write, to share, to help. It’s a noble occupation and a bit frightening to others. Most everyone has a book in them. Sadly, only a few can get it out and on paper. Bear in mind: nothing gets in print until written. KEEP AT IT. —Norma Leary, writer from Jamestown, PA

36.  Studying journalism forced me to become a more disciplined writer. Before then I never used one adjective when four would do. —George R. R. Martin, author, Game of Thrones Northwestern Magazine Spring 2016




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