Faraway to the Future: From 3 A’s to the Final u.

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When I first saw the WordPress writing prompt faraway and the WordPress photo prompt future I could only think about my novel-under-construction, which is faraway in the future.

I noticed the 3 a’s in ‘faraway,’ like they were multiple hurdles in a struggle to move forward to their companion vowels, e, I, o, u. The a’s seemed stuck, unable to make headway to the future.

A right metaphor for my novel-under-construction.

I’ve been working on She Saw Her Promised Land, since it started to evolve in 2000. Sixteen years later I’m still stuck on the metaphoric letter ‘a’, eg. I have yet to complete a complete first rough draft. I’ve made it probably to the second ‘a’ in faraway, and am struggling to move on to the third ‘a.’

View from the top of Schoodic Mountain

View from the top of Schoodic Mountain

The view from the top of the

mountain goes faraway,

into the future

True, the novel is historical. I’ve encountered at least one learning curve with every chapter. Initially I had to learn the background of the story. For example, how many of you have heard about, the Scioto Associates? FYI, it was a group of secret military and political people (including Gen. Henry Knox and Col. William Duer) who purchased a great deal of land in Ohio from the Ohio Company—which had purchased the extra land to sell to the Scioto Associates. The day the Ohio Company signed their sales contract with the United States (aren’t you all familiar with this sale?) they signed a second contract, for over half their purchase, with the Scioto Associates.

Working my way through this maze taught me a lot about 1787-1796 land speculation.

I’m now deciphering the first Wall Street crash. William Duer was jailed to protect his life because of his role in causing the crash. The land speculation deals he and Gen. Knox were negotiating in Maine failed when the crash occurred.

Because the novel is historical, and uses real names, I’ve read many documents, papers, and books, all of which are moving me towards the future.

Research from original documents is a major part of preparing to write my novel.

To top off the difficulties, I’m writing in a different genre than I usually do.

Yet, in spite of all the learning curves the novel is moving towards the third ‘a.’ Just not swiftly enough.

The novel isn’t the only place in my life the triple ‘a’ movement is a devilment. I’ve been attempting to clear out fifty years of clutter, gathered from different living places, different work, different interests, and clearing out other people’s homes. It’s mostly papers, but I also have a lot of craft supplies. No matter how much I clear the clutter from my house, when I approach another decluttering project the house becomes unkempt again. It seems my neat house is like the third ‘a,’ far in the future.

In both cases I’m looking forward to moving on to the next vowel, hoping I’ll live long enough to see the ‘o’ in either my writing or my decluttering. If I do meet the ‘o’ I’ll welcome it with open arms. Besides, it’s singular, alone, meaning if it’s nasty I’ll at least spend a shorter time with it than I’m spending with three ‘a’s.’

Either way, moving from the faraway to the future seems like an impossible task.

I suddenly noticed that the word future has two u’s. Does this mean the final goal will ultimately be a long jump?

A, a, a. E. I. O. U, u.

The path from A to u is faraway in the future.

I must go now. If I don’t get to work on my writing or my cleaning I never will pass the three a’s, and will never see the other vowels along my path to the u’s.,


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In several if my nine lives I have been a medical lab technician and a human service worker specializing in child day care, adoptions and family abuse. Currently I am a photo/journalist/writer working on a novel and a short story. My general writings can be viewed at www.carolyncholland.wordpress.com. My novel site is www.intertwinedlove.wordpress.com.
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One Response to Faraway to the Future: From 3 A’s to the Final u.

  1. merry101 says:

    Hello Carolyn.
    Interesting insight into a word we seldom give much thought to…


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