The Advent of the FLUID-MOOD ROSE

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April is Lawn and Garden Month, and also Keep America Beautiful Month. What is more appropriate in April than introducing a new species of rose: the FluidMood Rose.

Ordinary roses, like these, can't compare to the Fluid-Mood Rose

Ordinary roses, like these, can’t compare to the Fluid-Mood Rose

So today, April 1, I, Rosemonte Flowers, make my announcement with fearlessness and bravado—fearless because it requires courage to announce the existence of a rose such as the FluidMood Rose, and bravado because of the vociferous disbelief this announcement will rain upon my psyche.

The FluidMood Rose is only viewable in its greenhouse nursery. Because its a secret it’s been seen by only a very few fortunate persons. When the secret is revealed to gardeners they will jump for joy. However, it will be affordable only by the very elite.

Persons privileged enough to have seen the FluidMood Rose have described it as artistic, paradoxical, regal, intuitive, luminescent, flamboyant, orchestral, otherworldly, and lyrical.

Their eyes are gripped by the most amazing characteristic of the FluidMood Rose—its ability to change color according to the mood of owner—but not for anyone else.

I’m one of three persons fortunate enough to own the FluidMood Rose. Each of us owners were instrumental in designing this illustrious flower, and are under strict instructions to keep its existence a secret. We cannot move it from the greenhouse for fear someone will discover it and abscond with it.

I often enter the greenhouse with gratitude for having developed the FluidMood Rose—which turns hot pink as I approach it (a hot pink rose symbolizes gratitude). As my mood shifts to joy, the FluidMood Rose changes its hue to yellow.

The other day, against the policy, I took Samantha, the love of my life, into the greenhouse. She hadn’t believed my reports of the fluidly changing hues of the FluidMood Rose. When she and I approached the rose its various leaves turned lavender (love at first sight—so intuitive of the rose), coral (signifying desire—yes, I desire Samantha), and red (I do love her, and plan to propose to her today).

That is the miracle of the FluidMood Rose.

It’s also, paradoxically, the fear of the FluidMood Rose. After all, who wants everyone to know their true mood at all times? We all have our secrets and wear masks to hide our real selves. Do we want a plant to reveal what’s behind our mask? After all, privacy is a rare and valuable commodity in today’s world.

Was it wrong to develop the Fluid-Mood Rose to the world? Or was it a fearless idea?

What I do know is the FluidMood Rose is a worthy accomplishment, and my two partners and I don’t regret being fearless in developing it.

I hope someday, when the secret is out, you have the opportunity to greet me in the greenhouse home of the FluidMood Rose—and when you visit, I hope it turns yellow—symbolizing not only the joy of your presence, but the friendship we share.

To inquire about purchasing the FluidMood Rose, which will be available for sale in April 2017, contact me at

I must close here. By writing this article I’ve broken policy. However, it will all be worth it as I, fearless and courageously, propose to Samantha in front of my special FluidMood Rose, which will hide secret smiles within its lavender, coral, and red petals as she agrees to be my wife.


NOTE: The WordPress writing challenge for March 1, 2016, was secret. Their March 25th challenge was fearless. This article incorporates both words.



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