Celtic Music by the River City Brass in Greensburg, PA

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Harmony flowed through the Palace Theater in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, on March 5, 2016. It wasn’t limited to the Celtic music—Welsh, Scottish, and Irish—and country music played on stage to a full house. Harmony was expanded with the combination of four elements: the River City Brass of Pittsburgh, the Pipes and Drums of Carnegie Mellon University, the Hempfield High School band, and Irish dancers, Aaron Wolf and Melissa Barton, from the Bell School of Irish Dance in nearby Wexford.

My husband Monte and I attended the Celtic Connections concert dressed in Irish green—and I was asked several times if I ‘were early.’ I wanted to respond ‘It’s Celtic, and it’s march, the month of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.’ Hmmmm…

Regardless, sitting in ¾’s of the way in the balcony, with the about 140 members of the Hempfield band behind us, I activated my camera on non-flash and created photos demonstrating the harmony of the event. It’s not my best photography, but someday I’ll figure out how to do better with this type of photo challenge.

NOTE: The WordPress photo challenge for March 4, 2016, just happened to be harmony: a “combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes… having a pleasing effect.”…Of course, harmony also has a meaning outside of the world of music: “the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.”

I think the Celtic Connections concert reflects both definitions of the word harmony.

Drew Fennell, Shawn Wilson, Stephen McGough (names in no partic. order)

Drew Fennell, Shawn Wilson, Stephen McGough (names in no partic. order)

Hempfield High School band

Hempfield High School band

Pipes and Drums with dancers

Pipes and Drums with dancers

160305 IMG_2732E

Western music pieces were Ol’ Time Country Cookin’, Thank God I’m a Country Boy, Country Road, and Honky Tonk.

Pipes and Drums

Pipes and Drums



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