A Perspective On Alcoholism

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Guest Writer: The Late Ron Fleischer

Ron and Bonnie Fleischer atop Jumonville Mountain, PA  1995

Ron and Bonnie Fleischer atop Jumonville Mountain, PA 1995

The following article was printed in the Family Support Program of the Greater Jamestown Area newsletter in 1994. The author, the late Ron Fleischer, was a board member, a former alcoholic, and a friend.


The Oxford American Dictionary defines the following:

Alcohol: a colorless inflammable liquid; the intoxicant present in wine, beer, whiskey, etc.

  • Alcoholic: caused by drinking alcohol
  • Alcoholism: a diseased condition caused by continual heavy drinking of alcohol

Now that we know what alcohol is, the problem we need to address is Why do we indulge in something that can cause disease and even death? Death of life and soul.

There can be many reasons for such behavior. Perhaps

  • an unhappy marriage
  • loss of job
  • illness of yourself or part of your family or a friend
  • loss of a loved one, which includes divorce
  • just plain loneliness

Some people may use alcohol as a sedative to help them relax or to calm their nerves.

Unfortunately, once we start to rely on this so-called remedy we become more reliant upon its effects. We can get a feeling of being completely at ease in any situation only because we are no longer conscious of conditions around us.

Alcohol is one of the most deceitful and dangerous activities a person can addict him/herself to.

Some think alcohol can remove us from our having to deal with certain problems we have in life. Unfortunately, our problems do not disappear. We just delay the ultimate ending or make our problems worse by compounding them with alcohol.

Hopefully an alcoholic can come to grips with his/her problem, whatever it is!

Bonnie and Ron Fleischer renew their wedding vows in 1997

Bonnie and Ron Fleischer renew their wedding vows in 1997

In my own situation I had to realize my problem was created by me—no sense blaming someone else. Once this was conquered I gradually reduced my need for alcohol to the point I no longer need a drink.

Many people look upon alcoholics as wicked or unchristian persons. People are condemned for drinking even though the accusing person has no idea why the alcoholic uses alcohol. Hypocrit! Who are you to judge a person whom you don’t even know. Who are you to judge any person that has a problem of which you know not? Even a robber or a murderer gets a trial before he/she is condemned. Do you even know or care of the capabilities of eh alcoholic, or what drove him/her to alcohol?

Alcoholics need someone they can relate to such as an A. A. member or a friend they can rely upon when they crave alcohol. They do not need condemnation. They have enough problems. What they need is understanding. It is not easy for a person to confront an alcoholic, but patience and love can overcome.


By our Holy Bible, the Lord did not condemn drinking. But our Lord does condemn drunkenness. John 2:1-11 tells of Jesus’ first miracle: changing water to wine. Also, read Mark 2:13-17, Luke 5:33-39 (King James version)

If we study drinking further we read Luke 21: 34: Take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your heart be overcharged with overeating and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.

What our Lord means is he should not find us in a drunken stupor lest we miss him upon his return. Also read Genesis 9:20-29, Deuteronomy 21:18-21. These are only a few of many parts in the Bible that condemn drunkenness.

I myself could not have returned to the living without the help of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to whom all glory goes.

We must pray for those whom are ill. Alcoholism is an illness. Pray for alcoholics, also.


Remember, if you are an alcoholic, only you can save yourself. You must do the work if you want to resolve your problem.

Do not be afraid to consult your Bible or a friend in whom you can trust. Your best friend is in your Bible. His name is Jesus.

If you fell by the wayside, come back. We need you.

I will end with one last suggestion. Read St. Luke 12:4-51.

Ron Fleischer

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