A Red Dress for National Wear Red Day

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I have a wonderful outfit—a red dress, red socks, red sneakers, and a red hat. I purchased the dress in the late 1980s, and finally found red sneakers and socks this year (do you know how difficult it is to find red socks?). As for red hats—I have a tam, a nice winter hat, and several Santa hats.

My red outfit emerges from my closet two months of the year—December and February.

In December my husband Monte and I enjoy dressing as Santa and Mrs. Claus (red outfit) for my birthday dinner and for ringing the Salvation Army bell. We have great fun shopping in our ‘costumes—’most people respond with a smile, and some offer him their Christmas gift list.

151216 IMG_3157EE

However, December’s over. February is descending like the blizzard snow that left 21 inches of fluffy white stuff in our yard in 24 hours last weekend. It’s time to pull my red outfit out of the closet and drawers.

February has two reasons encouraging the wearing of a red dress like the one I recently saw in a store window (I like the heart cutout):160128 IMG_7840E

First, red is the dominant color of Valentine’s Day—joining shades of pink and purple. Valentine’s Day is always on February 14th. Red is associated with the shape of the day, the heart.

The heart is the second occasion for wearing red. National Wear Red Day® occurs on February’s first Friday—the 5th in this year, 2016, the day’s 13th anniversary.

  • In 2003, the American Heart Association and the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute took action against a disease that was claiming the lives of nearly 500,000 American women each year – a disease that women weren’t paying attention to. A disease they truly believed, and many still believe to this day, affects more men than women.
  • Stemming from that action, National Wear Red Day was born…to raise awareness about heart disease being the No. 1 killer of women.

Much has been accomplished in the National Wear Red Day®s 13 years. Visit its website for more details.

Financial contributions are necessary to continue the progress in decreasing heart disease in women, thus saving their lives. Funds raised by Go Red support educational programs to increase women’s awareness about their risk for heart disease and stroke as well as critical research to discover scientific knowledge about cardiovascular health.

140214 IMG_3194Ee

So why wear red?

  • Ask any stylist, job coach or dating expert and they’ll tell you that red stands out. Eyes are immediately drawn to it. Some even say that the color red is a confidence booster and makes you feel powerful. 

I pulled a book from my bookshelves: The Rainbow in Your Life, written by my friend Maryanne Hoffman, a color therapist. Below are a couple of excerpts from pages 16-18.

  • Red is the primary color of the spectrum…it is invigorating and forceful in nature…(its) attributes are freedom, leadership, will-power and action.
  • Red is the color of pure energy, the flame of love, passion, and courage…the vibrant force of life itself!
  • Red is great to bring attention to yourself…can invigorate a group to perform chores…in an energetic way…
  • Red stimulates the body in a constructive manner…is a vital vibration for increasing physical strength to the entire body; it empowers you with the will-power to live!
  • Red is popular with the extrovert, and the dynamically energized personality.
  • Red is the ultimate color for physical action, conquest and vitality. Your personality is fully animated when you wear red. You appear ardent and motivated toward success with a zest for life. The lively intensity of red helps you dominate situations and people.

The attributes Maryanne assigns to red can relate to the heart, the body’s primary muscle. It’s invigorating and forceful, pure energy, the seat of the flame of love, passion, and courage…the vibrant force of life itself.

Maybe that’s why the National Wear Red Day® leaders chose the color red to signify our fight against the No. 1 killer in women. And maybe it’s just a coincidence that it’s also the color of our hearts.

On February 5th I’ll adorn my red dress, red socks, and red hat—and my National Wear Red Day® pin. Weather permitting, I’ll go out for breakfast and shopping. If anyone inquires about my wearing red I’ll tell them about National Wear Red Day®. And if I see another woman wearing red, I’ll greet her with camaraderie, sharing heartfelt stories about our precious human organ, the size of a closed fist: the heart.

Our heart is a precious part of our body. We must treat it with the care it deserves. National Wear Red Day reminds us of this.

About carolyncholland

In several if my nine lives I have been a medical lab technician and a human service worker specializing in child day care, adoptions and family abuse. Currently I am a photo/journalist/writer working on a novel and a short story. My general writings can be viewed at www.carolyncholland.wordpress.com. My novel site is www.intertwinedlove.wordpress.com.
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4 Responses to A Red Dress for National Wear Red Day

  1. merry101 says:

    Beautiful red dress! And beautiful for you!
    Red is my favorite color, especially for shoes and purses. For me red is a basic color…goes with everything!


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  3. Extrefgyibyigfwetugvyiklbghcrry says:

    Strongest entire vgfyruyrrtenyftstn vvghmhghk guyy


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