First snow brings optimism

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I was still awake when my husband Monte, after sleeping a couple of hours, notified me that I had to look outside. The scene was beautiful—a white blanket of snow 15 inches deep, the result of a winter storm named Jonas.

Although such a snow can bring pessimism and hopelessness, the first snow (this is the first real snow) of the winter season has an optimistic side for me. As it covers all the blemishes of the land, the brown covering following the brilliant leaf dropping by trees, the signals of the end of another round of seasons, the new fallen snow equalizes all lawns.

The freshness and brilliance of the new fallen snow brings thoughts starting anew, starting fresh, of having my wrongdoings buried nature’s white blanket. It reminds me of Jesus’ acceptance of all our sins, allowing us to start anew.

Thus, today I offer early morning pictures of storm Jonas’ gift to us in response to the WordPress photo challenge for January 23, 2016: optimistic. And I’ll let you determine whether Monte and/or I are certifiably insane: me for going out and exercising my trigger finger at 1:45 a. m., or Monte for going outside to shovel at 2:15 a. m.

15 inches of snow on the birdbath at 1:45 a. m.

15 inches of snow on the birdbath at 1:45 a. m.

160123 IMG_6887E

2:15 a. m.

2:15 a. m.

160123 IMG_6890E160123 IMG_6884E



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6 Responses to First snow brings optimism

  1. claowue says:

    Thanks for sharing my own thoughts about snow. Snow makes the sad dark brown winter-nights- and winter-days into brighter ones, covered with billions of little white stars! It’s beautiful and shows us how beautiful this world is.


  2. Dan O'Brien says:

    The pics made me a bit homesick. I’m also sad that you changed your banner photo, Mika in her element.


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  4. Grace ( & Fred) Wells says:

    We had our first snowfall of the year, about 1/2 inch – very pretty. Good illustration of snow and the forgiveness of Jesus for all of us


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