New Year’s Eve Times Square Ball Drop Quiz

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Times Square ball 2000

Times Square ball 2000

New Year’s Eve. The night when much of the country’s population is tied to their television sets to watch the New York Times Square ball drop, announcing the moment a kiss will bring in a New Year, a new start. Even those who manage to say awake for the event, but are doing or watching something else, will switch their TV channel so they can catch the moment.

However, what do they—or you—or I, before writing this quiz, really know about the event?

Below is a quiz you can take (and give to others) while the evening drags to the big moment. Enjoy!

Times Square building in 1906

Times Square building in 1906


  1. What is the original name of Times Square?
  2. Who commissioned the first New Year’s Eve ball drop?
  3. What business was the ball drop meant to promote?
  4. What was the purpose of the original time ball?
  5. Who built the original time ball built, and in what year was it built?
  6. What year was the first time ball lowered in Times Square?
  7. What was the only year since 1907 the Times Square New Year’s time ball did not drop?
  8. Why was the time ball lowering initiated?
  9. How much did the original Times Square time ball weigh?
  10. How much did the time ball weigh in 1995?


How did the time ball change throughout the years?

To learn the answers, click on more:

Ties Square ball in 2008

Ties Square ball in 2008


  1. Longacre Square
  2. Adolph Ochs
  3. The New York Times Company. Adolph Ochs pledged to make it the top paper in New York.
  4. Time balls were a regular feature in ports around the world and were a favored way of broadcasting the time to sea travelers in the 19th century.
  5. Robert Wauchope in 1829
  6. 1907
  7. 1943, due to wartime light restrictions.
  8. After Adolph Ochs 1904 lavish New Year’s celebration, with midnight fireworks, meant to show off the Times new digs, the city forbade future fireworks displays. The ball was an alternative way to celebrate the New Year with style and glorious light.
  9. 700 pounds
  10. Over 1,070 pounds


1907 The original used one 100 25-watt light bulbs and was constructed from iron and wood.

1920 made solely of iron

1955 the heavy iron ball was replaced by an aluminum ball weighing just over 200 pounds

1995 the time ball was outfitted with 504 Waterford Crystals, 168 halogen bulbs, and spinning mirrors.



Why We “Drop” the Ball on New Year’s Eve

2008 Times Square ball

The Times Square Ball designed for the new millennium in 2000, on display at the Waterford Crystal Factory.

1906 View of One Times Square from the southeast

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