Surprising Cat Tales: Part 1

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What do you mean, we're to stand in for other cats?

What do you mean, we’re to stand in for other cats?

Below are 5 feline stories pulled from print media. Since I don’t have access to their pictures I’ve used cat photos from my photography archives to stand in for them.

Watch for a future article on more Cat Tales.



King standing in for Jack the Cat

King standing in for Jack the Cat

Karen Pascoe was moving from coast to coast.

She secured her cats, Jack the Cat and Barry, in their pet carrier, which was to be ”checked baggage” on her cross-country move from New York to California.

Apparently Jack the Cat objected to being checked baggage. He somehow escaped his pet carrier before Karen boarded her flight. Notified that Jack the Cat was missing she missed her flight to search for him. She left for California when the airport personnel assured her they would notify her if Jack the Cat was found.

During the search a detective was hired to help search for Jack the Cat. Later, Karen flew to New York City to search for him.

Days, weeks, passed.

One day, after 2 months, a beautiful, long-haired cat crashed through the airport’s ceiling tile. Airport personnel scooped him up and transported him to the airport’s vet center to confirm his identity via microchip.

Jack the Cat was in critical condition. Was weak, terrified, and hungry, he received a feeding tube. He also needed surgery for a leg would.

Karen flew to New York City to be near her beloved pet.


Unnamed kitten standing in for Brave

Unnamed kitten standing in for Brave

A tiny kitty (I’ll call Brave) made her way to the top of a 70-foot tree and perched on a small twig—no wider than 1-3 inches. She must have been unsure of how to descend, and kept meowing even after its cry caught the attention of residents in the Hempfield (Westmoreland County, PA) neighborhood.

Neighborhood residents, concerned for the small kitten, unsuccessfully sought ways to save Brave. Two fire companies  felt they couldn’t put someone’s life in danger when using ladders to rescue Brave. It was a difficult decision, but the tree grew on a hillside near a shed.

Perhaps Brave was so young it was inexperienced. He didn’t know how to back down the tree. A neighborhood resident planned on putting a can of tuna fish at the base of the tree in hopes of enticing the cat down. After 4 days the cat had to be hungry.

At the time the news article was published Brave was still in the tree. Meowing, meowing, meowing.


King stands in for cat that fell 19-stories and lived to tell about it

King stands in for cat that fell 19-stories and lived to tell about it

Sugar the cat might have been sweet, but she was also a survivor. She plummeted 19-stories from a Boston high rise—about 150 to 200 feet—and survived.

Her only injury was some bruising on her lungs. She had no broken bones or cuts.  Apparently, if a cat falls from high places they splay their legs in a “flying squirrel position,” which slows their descent. —Tribune-Review, March 23, 2012, pp A4


Little Dog standing in for Dot

Little Dog standing in for Dot

When a fire roared through a North Sullivan, Maine, home its resident, Jammie Tracey, escaped only because she was  awakened by one of her 3 dogs. Although this dog and another dog survived, a dog and two cats died in the blazing fire. One cat was Dot, a 2-year-old white, longhaired, male feline.

Eight days later a neighbor heard a noise while grilling outside. His wife, Jenny, who just happens to be a veterinarian, saw a cat curled into a ball and determined  something was obviously wrong with the shorthaired, orange cat.

Large chunks of ash had burned all his haircoat. He was horrendously burned, his eyes were infected and puffy, most of his ears were gone, and he had tremendous infection in all four of his burned pads.

Jenny cared for the cat at her animal hospital. He was doing great and expected to have a full recovery.

Jammie said that while Dot was a spoiled cat before, she expected him to be king of the house from now on.


Unnamed kitten stands in for Sparky

Unnamed kitten stands in for Sparky

It must have been love at first meow on social media.

Rose and Chris Rasmussen of London were so taken with Sparky, a kitten from Michigan they saw online, they flew nearly 4,000 miles to adopt him in person. Apparently it was his dynamic personality that so wooed their hearts. Rather than shipping him to London they traveled to Michigan to adopt him in person. Chris Rasmussen said that even if Sparky doesn’t turn out to be the cat’s meow, “there’s no turning back.”  —AP May 18, 2009  Tribune-Review

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2 Responses to Surprising Cat Tales: Part 1

  1. merry101 says:

    My beloved Baby Cat passed away in 2012. He was 19 yrs old. Our home felt empty…


    • A long-time relationship with a pet—cat or dog—certainly leaves a gap when it ends. I hope you now have another feline.
      By the way, we once had a cat named Baby Boy Cat.
      Thank you for your continuing support of COMe.


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