The Kane Manor Country Inn in Kane, PA

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Picture yourself situated amongst the backdrop of forest of The Allegheny National Forest (the only national forest in Pennsylvania), resplendent with the changing colors of early autumn, the center of the world’s supply of cherry wood.

  • NOTE: Being surrounded by forest land is not impressive to me, since I live in Laurel Mountain Borough, a community virtually in a forest and surrounded by the forestry in the foothills of  the Laurel  Ridge at the northern end of Appalachia. However, play along with me. After all, our home is surrounded by hemlock pine, not cherry wood.

My husband had suggested we stay at a bed and breakfast (instead of a motel), for a change of pace. He’d chosen the Kane Manor Country Inn in Kane, Pennsylvania.

150918 IMG_6213E

Monte had difficulty making reservations. It was easy the first time. Then our car broke down in a Buffalo shopping mall, and our friend Pat had to rescue us again. It seems every time we are in Buffalo with our car she is rescuing us from a breakdown.

Not knowing if we were going to get away as planned, or even later, Monte cancelled our reservation. It turned out that the problem was a loose wire that was fixed in a few minutes. Back on the phone, he called the Kane Manor Country Inn again. Yes, we could still make a reservation.

On the way we stopped in Olean to visit with a friend, Marcia Gallineaux-Hubert, from a former life—Slippery Rock, university association, and newborns to elementary school children. We lingered there for a while, thoroughly enjoying a sinful dessert and catching up on each other’s life.150918 IMG_0139E

Of course, it was dark when we left Olean. After all, this is close to the end of September, just short of the 23rd, the first day of fall. Thus, we only saw shadows thrown by the moon and car lights as we drove through the Allegheny Mountains to the Kane Manor Country Inn in Kane, Pennsylvania. We arrived in Kane after 9:00 p. m.

We arrived, picked up our key, and checked into our room. The rooms were named simply…the Blue Room, Summer Room, Autumn Room…ours was the Antiques Room on the second floor of the three-story mansion. They could have used a little more creativity in naming the rooms, but then, I’m a writer. What do I know?

In the morning we learned we’d been housed in the servant’s quarters. Down the hall and up two steps was the family’s residence.

150918 IMG_6219E

Being tired, but too early to sleep, I sat in the lounge room and spent time on my computer. I’net was available through Wi-Fi, which worked with no problems although I’d been warned there might be difficulty being online.

The sitting room had a huge mirror in the corner, which invited selfie photos. In the morning I shot a picture of Monte and I.

150919 IMG_0149E

The room was comfortable, and I was impressed with its cleanliness. I could find no dust kittens on the highly polished wood floors. (At home I feed my dust kitten jar, quickly growing the dust kitten to a huge sigh before starting a sibling jar.) How, I wondered, do they keep such a huge mansion so dust free?

We made it to breakfast where another table had four guests. Dave, the owner of the inn, took our order and prepared it. It was delicious—bacon, French toast, toast, eggs, potatoes, juice, coffee… The other folks asked us where we were from, and told us they were from Ohio.

150918 IMG_6187E

As they were leaving one asked us if we wanted a piece of home-made apple pie. Definitely, I wouldn’t turn down that offer. It too was delicious.

After they left and we’d gobbled down our food, we asked Dave about the mansion’s background. It was built by Gen. Thomas L. Kane, a Civil War General, who passed away before the house was completed. His wife was a physician, Dr. Elizabeth Kane.

150918 IMG_6233E

Surfing the I’net I learned Gen. Kane wed his British born cousin Elizabeth Dennistown (or Dennistoun) Wood on April 21, 1853. She was 14 years younger than the General. Woman suffrage and the Higher Education of women were essentials of Gen. Kane’s political doctrine. Dr. Kane completed a medical degree from the Women’s Medical College in Philadelphia in 1883 and practiced until May 25, 1909. Their daughter also graduated from the Woman’s Medical College of Philadelphia.

I learned that the Kane Mansion, a Georgian Colonial Revival-style structure, replaced the “original homestead” that was destroyed by fire back in 1896. Elizabeth Kane named her new residence “Anoatok” an Eskimo word meaning “wind loved spot,” and alludes to the exploits of the late General’s brother, Elisha Kane, the Arctic explorer.

At the time of his death Gen. Kane was president of the New York, Lake Erie & Western Coal Railroad, which had just completed its famous Kinzua viaduct.

The time came quickly for us to leave. However, I asked if we could tour the residence, and take pictures Yes, to both.

150918 IMG_6204E

In perusing the reviews of the Kane Manor Country Inn, I find I must agree with the comments listed below:

  • Dave, the owner, is personable and friendly
  • It’s a quaint, period place
  • A laid back treasure
  • A best-kept secret in the Alleghenies
  • A visit to an era before our time
  • Ample breadfast

It’s clean, comfortable, needs some minor repairs, and affordable


For further information:

Kane Manor

230 Clay Street

Kane Pennsylvania 16735

PH: 814-837-6522


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