Birkenstock Shoes: What Makes Them Special to Me

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Things trend on Yahoo. Sometimes they trend only briefly, as was the case wit Birkenstock Sandals. At 2:09 p. m. on July 31, 2015, the Birkenstock foo-twear was trending on Yahoo. By 2:16 p. m. this German footwear was no longer trending.

I was familiar with Birkenstock shoes, but not because of what makes them globally famous. I first became aware of them when my husband Monte and I visited our son Nolan, while he was a postdoctoral student at Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

I was introduced to Birkenstocks when I remained in Munich for several days while Monte and Nolan traveled to  . I decided to remain in Munich because I wanted to explore the city.

Wandering around I came upon a welcome to Germany tourist kiosk.

0011xx MAPL-00-311-24E

While perusing the flyers I noticed another woman, an American, who was also checking out the information. We decided we would explore a castle together.

“But first, I must purchase a pair of Birkenstocks,” she said.

Birkenstocks? What was she talking about? Oh well, I followed her anyway. Today I looked Birkenstock up on the I-net:


  • Birkenstock has made footwear for over 225 years, all the while believing that comfort is the true measure of a shoes worth. The concept behind Birkenstock is the phrase ‘form follows function’ —all their footwear includes a footbed shape that mirrors the contours of a healthy foot.
  • With proper care, Birkenstock footwear can provide years of comfort. Everything that goes into the shoe is top quality – from the suede, jute and cork of the footbed, to the leather, suede and nubuck used to create the uppers.
  • The Birkenstock footbed, made of resilient cork and latex, is precisely molded to create the best possible foot environment. While you wear them they actually adapt to your feet, and vice versa. Thus, the more time you wear them the more comfortable they become.

It was mid-morning when we decided we would visit Nymphenburg Palace, chosen because of its ease of transportation. My new friend (I can’t recall her name, so I’ll call her Rachel), however, insisted she had to purchase a pair of Birkenstock shoes before we headed out to the castle. She expected this task to be easy, since the shoes are made in Germany. However, we high-stepped it from store to store with no luck. Birkenstocks were simply not available in the Munich stores, for whatever reason.

0011xx MAPL-00-312-01E

"Rachel" paused for a photo while shopping

“Rachel” paused for a photo while shopping

After a grueling couple of hours running from store to store Rachel gave up, and we headed to Nymphenburg Palace, west of Munich.

0011xx NYCA-00-315E

Construction of the summer residence, built to celebrate the birth of the son and heir of Elector Ferdinand and his consort Henrette Adelaide of Savo, was begun in 1664. In 1701 the simple cube-shaped building was enlarged under Max Emanuel and Karl Albrecht. Max Emanuel was the son of Henrette Adelaide.

Fronting the Palace is a park, which swallowed up an ornamental garden belonging to Henriette Adelaide. In the second half of the 18th century it was redesigned as a landscape garden developed in England, which had become increasingly popular in Germany. We posed for photo on the entrance porch.





We admired the chandeliers and ceiling paintings, among other palace riches. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in this luxury? Only if there was a full time staff to care for it.

0011xx NYCA-00-315-02E

An attempt to take our pictures in a mirror...

An attempt to take our pictures in a mirror…

The day was fleeting by, so we headed back to Munich, having spent a delightful day together even if Rachel never found her Birkenstock shoes. She would, she said, have to special order them when she returned to her mid-west home.

If you’re lucky, something trending on Yahoo, however briefly, will catch your eye and remind you of an adventure in your life. Seeing Birkenstock shoes trending on Yahoo did that for me, reminding me of a delightful day with a one-day friendship in Munich, Germany.

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  1. merry101 says:

    Ahh…shoes. My favorite hobby, shoes!


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