It’s Raining. Do We Need the Noah’s Ark in Frostburg, MD?

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The Rains Continue in the Ligonier Valley 150618 IMG_8242E


Thinking one of my cats was in trouble I hurried to the door only to find King Big Dog howling outside. He was pushed up as close to the house as he could get, in a spot under the eaves, where he couldn’t get wet from the raindrops racing from the clouds to the ground.

When he saw me he opened his vocal cords, meowed loudly, all the while giving me a pathetic look that asked Can’t you stop the rain?

150627 IMG_9770E

“Come in the house, you dope,” I instructed, no—ordered him. His pleading look said No Way as he continued to complain, as his sister Little Dog (a female cat) joined him with pleading looks.

150627 IMG_9779E

The rains had moved in. In fact, the crying clouds took up residence most of June 2015. Beating rains kept the Laurel Mountain Borough gravel roads in deteriorating condition.

It’s time to call Noah I thought later, as I walked to a friend’s house, protected from the rain by a large umbrella, because pretty soon we’ll need an ark.

Well, perhaps not Noah’s Ark. He’s been long-gone from this earthly life. Furthermore, his Ark is associated with Mount Ararat in Turkey, which is completely inaccessible to residents of the Ligonier Valley in Pennsylvania. 150618 IMG_8245E

However, I knew there were two Arks being built much closer to my Laurel Mountain Borough home. The closest is nestled in the western Maryland hills, in the town of Frostburg  along Interstate 68. My husband Monte and I had seen its skeleton en route home from Cumberland, Maryland, in June of 2012.

120612A IMG_9976EE

According to the Ark’s website a modern-day Noah, in the person of Pastor Richard Greene, was—is—constructing this Ark after having a repeated dream from God in which he saw a large ark located on a hillside…In these repeated dreams, Pastor Greene saw the destruction and corruption that was taking place throughout the world, just like it was in the biblical days of Noah…God’s instructions were to rebuild this modern-day Noah’s Ark as a sign to the world of his love and the soon return of Jesus!

  • “For the coming of the Son of man will be just like the days of Noah.  For as in those days which were before the flood they were eating and drinking, they were marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the Ark, and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away; so shall the coming of the Son of man be” (Matthew 24:37-39 NAS).

120612A IMG_9971E

I wondered if Pastor Greene has made any progress on the ark’s construction, because we might have travel to Frostburg to board it before the continuing rains swell the streams, creeks, and rivers sufficiently swell, requiring us to sail to Frostburg.

150618 IMG_8246E

It’s unlikely it’s completed. Its groundbreaking was in September 1974, and the steel beams were installed 25 years later.

However, we have might have an alternative.

The first few wooden ribs of a giant 510-foot-long Noah’s ark being built in a rolling pasture in Williamstown, Kentucky. Its predicted completion date is next year, which may be too late if the present day rains continue. However, this ark won’t save us from the rains because it isn’t seaworthy.

150618 IMG_8248E

These aren’t the only arks being built.

Johan Huibers, a successful Dutch contractor and a Christian, built a replica of the ark to share his faith. In 2007 he completed a 220-foot-long, half-size ark, which he sold and built a 450-foot long full-size sea-worthy ark which opened in 2012 in Dordrecht, Holland.

In the early 2000s Thomas Kwok and his two brothers built a life-sized replica of Noah’s ark, in Hong Kong. It’s not intended to float—it houses a 43-rooom hotel.

In Florenceville, New Brunswick, Paul Smith and his father built an ark two-thirds the size of the original Noah’s Ark. It too is stationary, housing dorm rooms for Bible school students, administrative offices, healing rooms.

These arks are inaccessible to those of us in the Ligonier Valley and Southwestern Pennsylvania. If it continues to rain our only hope lies in Frostburg, Maryland. Perhaps we need to send a work team to Frostburg to assist in the completion of the ark.

We could also hope and pray the rains let up and we won’t need the currently unfinished ark.

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  1. Grace ( & Fred) Wells says:

    Interesting – hope you will share this on fb soon


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