Water and Birds in Action: My Muse

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In Answer to the Question:

What is My Muse?

Muse of Discovery, a statue at Eola Lake in Orlando, Florida

Muse of Discovery, a statue at Eola Lake in Orlando, Florida

This is the first time I had to surf the Internet to respond to a Wordpress photo prompt, show us your muse.

The word “muse” has always had a mystical aura to me, perhaps because in ancient Greek mythology a muse is any of the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne. This isn’t something I can relate to very well as an inspiration for my creativity.

Surfing the Internet, I discovered why the word confused me, and thus why the June 26, 2015 WordPress prompt was so challenging. I learned that the word muse is both a verb and a noun. As a verb muse means to think about something carefully or thoroughly.

2003 BIRDS 1745-HE

However, the phrase show me your muse implies the prompt is seeing a noun. As a noun, one definition is a  goddess that inspires a creative artist, esp a poet. Well, I certainly am not in communication with a goddess at this time. Another noun definition of muse is a person who causes someone else to have ideas about creating a work of art : a person who inspires an artist, writer, etc.

2003 BIRDS 2931-HE

This definition doesn’t seem to fit the prompt—which asks  What subject keeps you coming back? This week, show us your muse. I surfed further to find muse defined as an imaginary force that gives you ideas and helps you to write, paint, or make music, of a physical representation of this force. Another definition defined muse as someone or something that provides the enthusiasm and determination for an artist, poet, musician etc. to create something artistic.

These two definitions bring the idea of a muse closer. Imaginary force—Mother Nature. …Something: living things, water. I now had something to work with.



I love water in motion, and I love birds—only two of the things my husband Monte will tell you I constantly photograph. To put birds and water in action together is a delight. I searched my archives and found the following photographs:

2003 BIRDS 4276-HE

2003 WAVE SPLASHES 4078-hE

2003 BIRDS 4277-HPE



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