How Do Robins Grow From Egg to Flight?: Part 2

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Part 2: Quiz #1

On May 1st I noticed a nest, tucked behind a light on our patio, in which were four gorgeous blue eggs. We were about to take an unplanned journey with Mom Robin, who was incubating her eggs.

May 17

May 17

This is the second of four posts—an introduction (How Do Robins Grow From Egg to Flight?: Part 1) and three 10-question quizzes (each with a bonus question) on robins, illustrated with photographs I shot daily to record the chick’s progress and the care they received from Mom Robin and Dad Robin.

Below is the first quiz.

QUIZ QUESTIONS 1-10 Plus Bonus Question 

Mom (or Dad) Robin has beakful of food for the robin chicks

Mom (or Dad) Robin has beakful of food for the robin chicks

  1. What is the purpose of a robin’s nest?
  2. Describe a robin’s nest?
  3. What does Mom Robin consider most important when selecting a site for her nest?
  4. Why does a robin chick require a few rays of sunshine each day?
  5. Do robins mate for life?
  6. How long does it usually take a robin to build a nest?
  7. When does Mom Robin start to lay her eggs?
  8. How many eggs does Mom Robin normally lay, and what color are they?
  9. Mom Robin lays her eggs later in the day than most songbirds do. Why is this?
  10. Do robins reuse their nests?
Robin chicks open their beaks to receive food from Parent Robin

Robin chicks open their beaks to receive food from Parent Robin


What factors can affect the time a mother robin lays her eggs?

To learn the answers click on more:


Mom Robin glares at me---she doesn't like my presence

Mom Robin glares at me—she doesn’t like my presence

  1. The robin’s nest is meant to be an incubator and baby cradle. It is not a bed for Mom Robin—she roosts on a branch until she has a full clutch of eggs. She then stays on the nest at night# until her chicks are old enough to stay warm. After that, Mom Robin only stays on the nest if the weather is bad.^^^
  2. Mom Robin constructs her nest mostly from dead grass, twigs, and mud. It’s outside diameter is about 8 – 20 cm (3 – 8 inches).**
  3. The primary factor Mom Robin considers in selecting a site for her nest is its underneath support, which is more important than concealment. She also considers the shade factor—it must be shaded enough to protect it from the sun, yet it must receive a few sun rays each day.#
  4. The sunshine is required so the robin chick can manufacture vitamin D-3.#
  5. No. Robin pairs usually remain together during an entire breeding season, which can involve two or three nestings. However, sometimes a male and female who mated the previous year will both return to the same territory in the spring and end up together for another year, especially if they were successful raising babies the previous year.**
  6. Two to six days.#
  7. Mom Robin usually starts laying her eggs within a day or two of completing her nest.#
  8. A8 During Mom Robin’s first nesting of a season she normally lays 3 or 4 blue eggs. Her second and third nestings of a season sometimes have only 2 eggs.**
  9. Robins get a lot of their calories from the worms they eat. Worms hide soon after sunrise, so they must be hunted early in the day. After feeding, they lay their eggs.**
  10. Mom Robin might repair or build on top of a previous nest, but most of them build a new nest because their used nest is a mess, stretched out, often home to insects or parasites and possibly poop.#


  • The nutrition of both Mom and Dad Robin.
  • Bad weather that causes Mother Robin to lose energy by spending a lot of time looking for food.
  • Cold weather which can prevent Mom Robin from producing the heat necessary to incubate the eggs.
  • Mom Robin may not be ready to lay eggs because she has not ovulated#

Stay tuned for Part 3 of  the robin’s journey from egg to flight.

Our cat (Little Dog)'s hunting instinct shows---so we must keep her from the robins from her

Our cat (Little Dog)’s hunting instinct shows—so we must keep her from the robins from her






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