Transplanting Roots: A Devotion

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SCRIPTURE: “Therefore, since Jesus was delivered to you as Christ and Lord, live your lives in union with him. Be rooted in him; be built in him; be consolidated in the faith you were taught; let your hearts overflow with thankfulness.” (Colossians 2:6-7, NEB)

DISCUSSION: In October 1995 I planted 90 trillium in our family’s woods. In May 1997 I counted about 30 plants. The 33% survival rate is consistent regardless of what plants I transplant.

It isn’t a surprising statistic. The more often and harshly plant roots are handled, the more difficult it is for them to survive.

Constant tearing of roots takes a tool on people, too.

Moving and resettling became increasingly difficult for me. Two moves, the one from Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, to Atlanta, Georgia, and another from Jamestown, Pennsylvania to Connellsville in the same state, were particularly destructive. The result was an unsettled, disjointed feeling when we arrived in Connellsville.

Our time there was one of transition. We needed to heal and develop our broken relationships. We also needed to consider how to deal most effectively with our nest move from active ministry to retirement.

If, at the completion of each lap of our life journey, we find our lives more in union with Christ, more rooted in Him, more built in Him, our time is not lost. Our goal is to be consolidated in the fait so we might walk closer to Christ in our future journey.

Our lifestyle of constant relocation is not unusual in today’s culture.

Are your roots dying from rough handling during transition times?

If so, take time to nurture them so you will be able to find yourself closer to Christ at the end of your recovery.

PRAYER: Lord, be with us and others whose roots are constantly being uprooted. Help all have faith in you on their journey.

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3 Responses to Transplanting Roots: A Devotion

  1. Tom Beck says:

    At each transplant, you became a stronger person, with deeper roots and the ability to bloom with a brighter, more fragrant blossom.


  2. Karen OConnor says:

    Carolyn, Do you think the Ligonier Writer’s group would be willing to donate a basket to a Union Mission fundraiser? We are looking for baskets for Lunchapalooza, our fundraiser on May 28.

    Also, I just wanted you to know that I’ve really been enjoying your online magazine. Date: Sun, 17 May 2015 04:15:58 +0000 To:


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