The “Who, What, and Where” of Travel: PA to Fla to PA: Part 2

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Part 2: April 14-April 24, 2015

The “Who, What, and Where” of Travel: PA to Fla to PA: Part 1

Early April 24 I posted The “Who, What, and Where” of Travel: PA to Fla to PA: Part 1 in response to the very appropo WordPress prompt for April 23, 2015: The Satisfaction of a List . At the time Monte and I were attempting, as we traveled from Georgia to North Carolina, to make a “who, what, and where” list of our whirlwind travel to Florida and back. Thus, we wrote the list in good form for this prompt, which said: Who doesn’t love a list? So write one… go list-y .

(Strange, yet again, the WordPress prompt for May 10, 2015 is journey—Of course, the spontaneous, unexpected, journey my husband Monte and I took to Florida in April was a journey in relationships and experiences.)

I posted our very brief ‘who, what and where” list up to April 23, with a note that we would list the remainder of our travels at the completion of our travels. The following is the fulfillment of that promise, starting with April 24.

The numbers in parentheses are the number of years since Monte and I have seen the person we visited.


Friday, April 24:

Visited: Wendy, Barb (abt. 4 yrs), and Alicia (1 yr)


  • Ride through the mountains
  • Ate lunch at Hawg Wild Bar-B-Que near Hendersonville
  • Ate supper at the Untouchables in Conover

Stayed at: Alicia’s in Conover, N. C.

Saturday, April 25:

Visited: Alicia (1 yr); Tanya, Tina, Eric & Nikki (never met), Pam and Dave (4 yrs)


  • Monte helped clean Alicia’s swimming pool and deck at Alicia
  • Carolyn caught up on some recordkeeping
  • Dinner with Pam and Dave in Charlotte

Stayed at: Monroe, North Carolina, at Mathews Microtel Inn

Sunday, April 26:

Visited: Michael (abt.0 yrs), Theresa, Denise (abt. 21 yrs), Kristen (abt. 21 yrs)


  • Went to Stallings United Methodist Church in Stallings, N. C.
  • Ate at Cici’s in Monroe, N. C.

Stayed at: Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Days Inn

Monday, April 27:

Visited Linda (Upper Room) (never met),


  • Traveled between Winston-Salem and Henrico, Virginia
  • Ate at Waffle House while visiting Linda

Stayed at:Super 8 in Henrico, Virginia

Tuesday, April 28:

Visited: Debbi, Keith, and Chloe


  • Michael’s store, bought coupons
  • Supper at Debbi’s, grilled chicken

Stayed at: Debbi’s in Spotsylvania, Virginia

Wednesday, April 29:

Visited Debbi, Keith, Chloe


  • Did laundry
  • E-mail brought news of break-in in Laurel Mountain Borough neighbor’s house
  • Debbi trimmed Monte’s beard, cut Carolyn’s hair
  • Ate at Hibachi: Japanese Sushi and Seafood Buffet

Stayed at: Debbi’s in Spotsylvania, Virginia

Thursday, April 30:

Visited: Debbi, Chloe, Dave & Kim (6 months)


  • Left Spotsylvania and headed to Fayetteville, Pa.
  • Stopped at a store in Winchester, Virginia
  • Visited Dave & Kim, had a wonderful salad lunch prepared by Kim
  • Stopped at Mennonite thrift shop in Chambersburg

Stayed at:  Laurel Mountain Borough

We returned home tired but pleased we had good weather except for two rainy times. Responding to the WordPress prompt encouraged me to go list-y about our travels, be it ever so brief.

Watch for further articles about or incorporating our adventures south and the roadtrip back home.


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