Cats Little Dog & King Feline Steal Our Hearts

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     Honey lay on the table in the examination room at Loyalhanna Veterinary Clinic, Inc. I sat and observed her closely, looking to see if her heart was demonstrating the same rapid and hard rhythm I had seen during the previous evening.

     At about 8:45 a. m. Saturday morning I’d called the vet’s office to share my concerns. Following her visit to the clinic on August 20, when she’d been diagnosed with two fractures on the top of her leg near her hip bone, she’d done fine. She didn’t like being confined, but it was a minor price to pay for her recuperation time. She ate, slept, purred and accepted her medication: prednisolone.

My husband Monte and I inherited Honey from our daughter Sandy when we retired and moved into our home around the corner from her house. On August 31, 2009, this honey-colored cat was so ill we only had one choice, so Honey went home—She’s romping in animal heaven .

After having a short memorial service for Honey, and burying her beside the garage near the woods she adored, Monte and I made a decision: no more felines until we were no longer able to travel. Although my daughter was willing to care for any pet we had we just felt it was easier to take off to sites beyond the reach of our home if we didn’t have an animal to make arrangements for.

And we were correct. It was easier. Not only that, our house no longer had cat hair to clean.

Yes, it was easier.

Although we missed cuddling a purring feline, we were satisfied with our decision. Still, it took strength to resist bringing another cute cuddly kitten into our home.

Then, in December 2012 Monte and I had to deal with a rental apartment 2 hours away from home. It was just before Christmas, and it was a great inconvenience. We took our air mattress, food, and other supplies.

When we arrived a tenant in another apartment told us there was a kitten hanging around and she was concerned about it being in the then cold winter weather. She couldn’t afford the fee necessary to take it to the animal shelter.

We were there only a day when we saw the kitten with an orange tear-drop shape just under one eye—a white critter with calico spots on its back, and a calico-striped tail.

Bird watching

Bird watching

During the day I brought the kitten in the empty apartment, but she had to go out at night. One bitter cold snowy night I put her outside. She put her paws on the screen door and looked in at me with such sad pleading eyes I knew: Little Dog (a cat) Adopts Us

In July 2014 we were Adopted by a Cat Now Named King… ,a 5-year-old sleek gray cat. I had less resistance since we already had Little Dog, so the problem of caring for a pet during our travel already existed. If we had one pet it didn’t matter how many animals we had.

We’ve had cats almost constantly since 1967. Yes, they can be a problem. When Little Dog joined us, she had a great way to get my attention while I was reading the morning paper. She would dash across the room and dive into the newspaper, pushing it and herself into my face.

01 150115 IMG_6076EThe petite kitten I brought home with me is now a foot-by-foot fatty—I tell people if I took her to a bowling alley I could roll her down the lane and get a strike.

In the morning she waits for me to put a protective blanket on my lap before she climbs onto it and curls up, waiting for the chin-rub and combing. At night she curls up beside me and licks my hands while purring—urging me to relax after a difficult day’s work.

04 150120 IMG_6148e

King was 5-years-old (estimated) when he arrived. Long and sleek, he seems satisfied if, in the morning, he can jump on my lap before Little Dog does. However, he too has learned to wait for the blanket covering, and enjoys a morning combing. 08 150120 IMG_6179E

150413 IMG_9311E

He also likes to curl up next to me at night, and I can manipulate the two cats to sleep together beside me at night.

140212 IMG_3068E

The cats comfort me, relax me, and entertain me, making the effort to keep them negligible. However, there is still the problem of travel. I’m writing this as we travel from home to Florida and back. We have great cat sitters—my daughter and a writer named Gabby, who is house- and cat-sitting while we are away. They tell me the cats are doing fine. However, I know they have abandonment issues and will cuddle as tight to me as they can when I return home. And I will welcome this welcome home. And I will take them for a walk on the path around our home.

King is gray, Little Dog is white and calico

King is gray, Little Dog is white and calico

So my husband and I have opted to have pets, to have felines.


NOTE: This article is written in response to the April 27, 2015,Wordpress prompt: Menagerie: Do you have animals in your life?…what do they mean to you?


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2 Responses to Cats Little Dog & King Feline Steal Our Hearts

  1. Grace ( & Fred) Wells says:

    Right now we only have goldfish. Over our 27 years of marriage we’ve had cats, a dog, chickens, a turtle, rabbits, and rats.


  2. merry101 says:

    When we lost our Cat, Babe, we made the same decision to not have more pets. Time has away of changing our minds. ❤


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