The “Who, What, and Where” of Travel: PA to Fla to PA: Part 1

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Part 1: April 14-April 23, 2015

 How appropo that the WordPress prompt for April 23, 2015, is The Satisfaction of a List, since Monte and I were attempting, as we traveled from Georgia to North Carolina, to make a “who, what, and where” list of our whirlwind travel to Florida and back. Thus, we wrote the list in good form for this prompt, which said: Who doesn’t love a list? So write one… go list-y.

(Strange, yet again, the WordPress prompt for May 10, 2015 is journey—Of course, the spontaneous, unexpected, journey my husband Monte and I took to Florida in April was a journey in relationships and experiences.)

This is our very brief ‘who, what and where” list up to April 23. The numbers in parentheses are the number of years since Monte and I have seen the person we visited.

Tuesday, April 14:

Visited Taylor, airplane passenger, then Karen and Bob (14 yrs)


  • Flew from Arnold Palmer Airport in Latrobe, PA, to Orlando, Florida
  • Karen and Bob picked us up at airport and took us to our downtown hotel Travelodge

Spent night in Orlando, Florida

Wednesday, April 15:

Visited Monte’s nieces Karen, Gail (7 yrs), Paula (7 yrs), Jo-Ellen (7 yrs), and nephew Eddy (35 yrs). Niece’s children Cheyanne, Daketer, Alexis, Dawn, Jonathan (all never), Ellen (7 yrs)


  • Monte picked up our rental car, upgraded to a Chrysler Town and Country for same price
  • Ate lunch at Italian restaurant
  • Viewed The Birth of a Corpse Plant Blossom at Rollins College , walked college campus (Fred Rogers attended Rollins, looked for his stone)
  • Dinner with Gail, Johnny (never), and Eddy
  • Walked a little part of Lake Enola with Gail, Johnny, and Eddy

150415 IMG_7422e

Spent night at Travelodge in downtown Orlando, Florida

Thursday, April 16:

Visited: Frankie (abt. 31 yrs), Gail, Alan Chryst (just met)


  • Did phone interview re corpse flower with Alan Chryst
  • Walked the perimeter of Enola Lake
  • Frankie, who I used to care for as a child, met us for lunch at the City Diner
  • Viewed corpse flower and talked with Alan Chryst at Rollins College
Eola Lake, also known as "swan lake," in downtown Orlando, Fla. --- April 16

Eola Lake, also known as “swan lake,” in downtown Orlando, Fla. — April 16

Spent night at Super 8 in Altamonte Springs, Florida

Friday, April 17:

Visited: Joellen, Gerald (never), and Laura (7 yrs) in Deland, Florida


  • Went to Joellen’s house
  • Photographed sand hill cranes
  • Visited Joyce’s (Monte’s sister) grave
  • Drove to St. Augustine, Florida
  • Waded in beach at St. Augustine Beach
  • Gave 3 Klondikes to Sue in grocery store

Spent night at Howard Johnson’s in St. Augustine, Florida

Saturday, April 18:

Visited: Lena, Mike, Ramsey (abt. 15 yrs) and Michael (27 yrs)— friends we knew in New Castle, PA—Heidi and Sam (never met)


  • Toured old Presbyterian Church at St.Augustine
  • Drove to Jacksonville, Florida
  • Lunch with our friends
  • Walked park on St. Johns River, shot statue and ballet dancers

Spent night at Mike and Lena’s in Jacksonville, Florida

Sunday, April 19:

Visited with: Lena and Mike


  • Attended St. Paul United Methodist Church, Jacksonville
  • Boat ride on St. John’s River
  • Ate dinner (mid-afternoon) at mid-Eastern restaurant, Wally’s
  • Napped during afternoon rainstorm
  • Watched corpse flower bloom on internet

150419 IMG_9498e

Spent night at Mike and Lena’s in Jacksonville, Florida

Monday, April 20:

Visited with Mike, Ramsey, Juanita (abt. 31 yrs) and Bob (39 yrs)



  • Breakfast with Mike and Ramsey
  • Drove to Valdosta, Georgia
  • Wandered through Valdosta Mall
  • Ate at Mother June’s Buffet

150420C IMG_9851e

Spent night at Juanita and Bob’s in Valdosta, Georgia

Tuesday, April 21:

Visited: Juanita


  • Breakfast with and by Juanita

Spent night at Howard Johnson’s in McDonough

Wednesday, April 22:

Visited: Rev. Lipskey, Linda (28 yrs), Emily (28 yrs), David (never met), Dominic (never), Diane (21 yrs), Becca (never met), and Dominic (never met)


  • Photographed sites in Stone Mountain, Georgia
  • Toured St. Timothy sanctuary
  • Drove to Winder, Georgia
  • Had tour of Emily’s new house where they all are moving
  • Drove to Suwanee, Georgia
  • Dinner at Taco Mac with Diane, Becca, Dominic

Spent night at Super 8 in Suwanee, Georgia

Thursday, April 23:

Visited with:

Dan O’Brien (3 months), Wendy and Barb (abt. 5 yrs)


  • Breakfast with Dan at Waffle House in Suwanee
  • Drove to Hendersonville, North Carolina
  • Drove up Laurel Park hill, North Carolina
  • Dinner with Wendy and Barb at Gezzie’s Pizza

Spent night in Hendersonville, North Carolina at Barb and Wendell’s 150423 IMG_0925eI’ll continue this list when we return home, as a record of our travels. (List continuation: The “Who, What, and Where” of Travel: PA to Fla to PA: Part 2)

While we are traveling our houseguest/sitter is doing what I’m supposed to be doing—writing her novel. She tells me things are very quiet on the home front, but Little Dog and King (our two cats with abandonment issues) miss us. She and my daughter Sandy are doing their best to comfort them.IMG_9827E


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5 Responses to The “Who, What, and Where” of Travel: PA to Fla to PA: Part 1

  1. Ed Cope says:

    We were in Merritt Island for winter and could have hooked up on Orlando We have family in Orlando but I think we we traveling those days you guys were in Orlando next time. Thanks


    • I wish I’d known you were near Orlando when we were there. Our trip was planned quickly and I didn’t know you were nearby. Perhaps we could get together when we are all back in Pennsylvania. Safe travels. Carolyn


  2. merry101 says:

    Carolyn…praying travel mercies for you and Monte. Home repairs are Babe going on at our home and I gotten behind with my e-mails. Enjoying your pictures.
    Our cat, Babe missed us too. 🙂


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