Holiday time. Company’s Coming. Time to Clean!

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Today is an obnoxious, offensive 12 hours.

The reason is obvious: COMPANY’S COMING. A perennial call to clean house.

After spending 76 days, minus 7, equals 69, days I must stop writing to clean house. Even though I have 21 days remaining to write. That’s because company’s coming. Company’s coming because it is a holiday. This holiday is Easter. However, it could be Christmas, or whtever holiday family visits.

My company isn’t truly company, since they’re family. My male heir is coming with active boys, both into sports. Fortunately, weather forecast is sunny, reasonably warm—actually a heat wave following bitter cold winter weather.

Family’s coming. I must clean.

Before starting I check today’s WordPress prompt: Three Letter Words.

Oh, great. They suggest writing an entire post using no three-letter words.

OK, so I’m on a cleaning break. I wanted to go outside to photograph some flowers. However, if they want a post without three-letter words, I will provide them with it.



Family’s coming. I clean.

However, I want yins (I resort to Pittsburghese to avoid a three letter word) to do me a favor: Don’t tell anyone I’m taking several days cleaning. I wouldn’t want to destroy my reputation (read My Sister and I: Cluttered Versus Neat Home ).

So I clean. A simple task grows into a major cleaning project. When I don’t have time to do major stuff, though I find myself doing some.

I raise so much dust I sneeze, cough, wheeze.

So what about those 90 days of writing? I made a commitment to take three months to complete what is becoming a very rough first draft of my novel. It is going quite well. However, I knew I would have to stop at Easter to clean. What I didn’t know—what my house would become during my writing time.

I thought I would mostly have to clear up clutter. However, dust kittens (or dust bunnies, if yins prefer, since it is Easter) keep stretching their grey paws from under furniture to grab at me, so I must take them seriously, because I wouldn’t want them to attack my family or other houseguests.

Have yinz heard my technique in cleaning up dust kittens when my children were small, while I kept a child care home? I gave each child a clear glass container to decorate. I wrote “dust kitten” on it. They provided food each time they visited, which made their dust kitten “grow.” Of course, their food came from around my house: they picked up my dust kittens.

However, I digress.

I know yinz expect a photo of my messy house. Sorry, I won’t post it. Once I entered a messier room contest, which I lost. Since then I don’t show photos of my messy house.

My husband Monte helped me pull a cabinet away from a wall so I could clean behind it. This should have been done three years past. However, it is a task that I dislike. I thought it should be done today because I desire to move a plant from my living room onto the surface of this cabinet. So I removed clutter in this plant’s upcoming spot, then immediately spotted dust, dirt.

Moving heavy cabinets. A spider scooted over some clutter, leaving what it considered a safe spot. in stages, Then I wash walls as well as a dirty cabinet back with soap, white vinegar water, peroxide—at least twice, maybe three times, with each solution. Followed by creating a draft with a thermantidote, causing the drying process to move faster than it would under sunlight heat during the doggy days of August.

In my messy living room I discover my couch is hiding tidbits of snack I have ingested during my writing time. I wonder that spiders haven’t discovered this, leaving me to share my comfy spot with them. I thank my stars that spiders left this spot alone.

My rugs, oh my. I lift them up, shake their contents gently on my floor, sweep them into a dustpan.

I guess my break time is ended. I must return to cleaning. My dining room table is loaded with clutter. My first step is to locate a carton—or several—to pack the stuff in, since I know there isn’t sufficient time to sort through that mess today. This afternoon is my last opportunity to clean, because tomorrow I plan on making a traditional Lithuanian recipe: zeppelins, or large dumplings (see Lithuanian Recipes: Dumplings, Beet Soup ).

Cepelinai_Vilnius 1

My kitchen counters are pretty clean today, since cleaning them last night. There’s still clutter there, though, so I cannot quit cleaning my kitchen at this time.

After my company leaves I will continue my three month writing on my novel. With 14 days, plus 7 days already missed time, plus 5 days taken to celebrate Easter with my family, it will take me until April is over before I finish. That is, unless I complete my rough first draft before then. I am able to hope. To learn my progress click on My Novel-Under-Construction.


So, do yinz think I accomplished my WordPress prompt OK? Were yinz able to locate a single three-letter word? I stuck a three-letter-word in this writing to check if yinz read this carefully. If yinz find other three-letter-words I want to know where I erred (words in links don’t count). Tell me in my comment box below.

Have yinz seen my final Rethink Church photos, a Lenten season photo challenge of a word each 24 hours, which I posted 7 each week? 28 970505-10Links on my last post ( with links to previous weeks of Lent: Rethink Church Lenten Photos: Week 7

Well, I must return to cleaning.

Because company’s coming. Family’s coming. I must clean, even though it is an obnoxious, offensive activity.

Thus, my house must be sufficiently presentable that they will be able to find a spot to put their gluteus maximus (rear cheeks), or to prepare something to eat.



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5 Responses to Holiday time. Company’s Coming. Time to Clean!

  1. lifelessons says:

    Is “yinz” sort of like the Aussie “Yuz” (pronounced yuhz)?


  2. Grace ( & Fred) Wells says:

    How about taking pics of your clean house and posting them as “after” pictures ?


    • Perhaps—but I’ll get it cleaned up just before company, if that soon, and then it will be messed up by all the activity. Ahhh, to be Samantha in Bewitched, to be able to just wiggle my nose…

      So Grace, did you find my one purposeful 3 letter word? Or did you find any other 3 letter words I missed? Go to work, teacher!


  3. merry101 says:

    Carolyn, I noticed “are” in your above sentence: “My kitchen counters are pretty clean…” and of course, in your sentence “…tell me in the comment box…” may not count. 🙂 lol


    • Good editing, Merry. You found a 3-letter-word I missed, not one I left in on purpose. Of course, I removed the one I put in on purpose and left in the one you found. Good work. A+ for you.
      By the way, a little birdie told me you had a birthday. Happy birthday, belated.

      Liked by 1 person

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