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During 2015 Lent Rethink Church*, a ministry of the United Methodist (Church) Communications, is sponsoring a photo-a-day challenge based on reflections and perceptions of their word for the day.

Each Thursday during Lent I will post the coming week’s words and a photo for each—sometimes with an explanation.

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The words for week 6 of 2015 Lent, March 26-April 2, are seek, meditate, see, celebrate, live, call, peace, breath.

SEEK:  March 26, 2015

141013 IMG_0596E

Say the white pumpkins represent those who take the least traveled path, while the orange pumpkins represent those persons who take the most traveled path.

My husband Monte will seek the best pie making pumpkin. Will it be white or orange? Will he travel the white road, or the orange road? Which road will you choose?

MEDITATE: March 2727 020500 P4280037E

This photo is one of Ryan’s senior pictures. He was meditating on life after graduation. Before and after you accepted Christ did you meditate what  a Christian’s lifestyle would be like?

SEE: March 28

28 970505-10

My late friend Russ Roy “sees” the cross bent over in a 1995 fire at Wesley United Methodist Church in Connellsville, PA. I used to pray, please don’t let me lose my vision. I didn’t. I lost my

eyesight…I knew what I wanted to do, I knew how to do it, and I knew I could do it. I realized that I would always have the vision to see what I was winning.   —Natalie Ruschell, who lost her eyesight at age 23 —Tribune Review




Spring is here…celebrate new life…

LIVE: March 30

150323 IMG_9467E

…the proportion of usable water there is in the world as compared to unusable. The answer? Only a drop. The earth may be covered by 71 percent water, but only 3.5 percent of that is freshwater, according to exhibit numbers. And of that freshwater, only .02 percent is rivers and lakes, where most of our tap water comes from. The rest is groundwater…. God created the earth, and it was rich. He created man and instructed him to care for the Garden. How well have we followed God’s instructions? Is a most important resource endangered by our careless actios?

CALL: March 31

SEEK 1993-10-04E

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. The people in this photo “call to care” about breaking down the walls that abuse creates, “call to action” against abuse of children and action for the healing of abuse—most simply defined as the misuse of a person. Woe unto the man having this offense. See articles on child abuse issues and domestic violence issues.

PEACE: April 1

41 100402 DSC07847

41 100402 DSC07853

A group, including persons from all over the United States, participated in a peace walk reached the summit of Laurel Mountain after a rugged uphill journey. The first picture is of a couple of walkers, the second is Monte reaching the summit as he walked this part of the journey with them. Are you willing to walk up mountains in the name of peace? Will peace ever be attainable in God’s world?

BREATH: April 2


Each breath infuses our bodies with life-giving oxygen. If we are caught in a smoky fire emergency personnel will give us “canned” oxygen to breathe. The dog in this picture was caught trapped in a smoky apartment during a fire. The paramedic wouldn’t let me take a picture of him giving the dog oxygen to heal with each breath. However, he let me take this after picture. When you are caught in “smoky” times do you take breaths of Scripture to infuse God’s word into your souls.


*The Rethink Church ministry is a major campaign launched May 6, 2009. The campaign aims to spark a global conversation around the question, “What if church were a verb?” Its goal is to encourage a global spiritual dialogue both within and outside the church. It looks to redefine the church experience as one that extends beyond our doors and seeks to transform the world, to connect with the people in the pews of The United Methodist Church, to see our local church in a much broader way – not solely as a building in which we worship, but as a conduit into our communities through which we may live out our faith by touching people’s lives.

RETHINK CHURCH asks the question, “What has God called The United Methodist Church to be in the 21st century?” and calls us to refocus on the following:  to see church in a way closely aligned with scripture, to be sent into the world, and to be more faithful to the tradition of John Wesley who believed the world was his parish.

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  1. Mary Frances Brake says:

    Thanks, Carolyn… Again, great pictures and a great message. Such a unique Lenten devotional! 💕


  2. merry101 says:

    Great pictures and questions…about the role of The Church.


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