Traveling Places Through My Novel

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NOTE: The WordPress daily prompt for March 16, 2015, is places.

Places…an interesting subject to contemplate. It takes me into my historic (romance) novel. I plan on completing its first draft by mid-April, the end of a 3-month concentrated writing time of three hours a day.

As I write this novel I travel to many wonderful places. The United States settings include Boston, Massachusetts; Alexandria Virginia; Philadelphia and Redstone (Brownsville), Pennsylvania; Gallipolis, Ohio; Downeast, Maine.

The French who settled Gallipolis were here because of 1790s land speculation

The French who settled Gallipolis were here because of 1790s land speculation

Throw in France and British Guiana for international locations, and you have a generous international tour.

As for people who are assisting me, I can include Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Ohio, and my home state ofPennsylvania. I can include people from France, the Netherlands, Australia, and Sweden.

There are water sites—the Atlantic Ocean, Frenchman and Gouldsborough bays (Maine), the Monongahela, Ohio, Skillings rivers…

View of Schoodic Mountain across the Frenchman Bay from Mt. Desert Island

View of Schoodic Mountain across the Frenchman Bay from Mt. Desert Island

The mountains, from the waves of ridges across Pennsylvania to Schoodic Mountain in Maine.

Places. How do I choose just one? It’s the variety of sites that add interest to my novel. It’s the exploration of these places, sometimes in person, that has expanded my view and interest in the world.

How else would I have learned about the Procope Cafe in Paris—the longest continuously operating restaurant, founded in 1686?paris 080002 jOEE

What else would have encouraged me to climb Schoodic Mountain in Downeast, Maine?

On top of Schoodic Mountain in Downeast, Maine

On top of Schoodic Mountain in Downeast, Maine

Or to travel across country from Alexandria to Gallipolis, Ohio, on the Nemacolin Indian Trail, the Monongahela River, and the Ohio River?

As you can see, I cannot at this time choose one just place. For more than 10 years I’ve been traveling to all these locations in person or through research books and Internet sites. They all draw me to them.

So I invite you to join me in my limited world tour with the land speculators at the time of the post-Revolutionary War. It’s an intriguing journey.

P. S. Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Read Of Course I’m Irish. Aren’t You? which includes links to a number of St. Patrick’s Day articles.





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  1. I hope that your writing journey takes you to many places. I like that you’re visiting some of the places that are in your novel – great for research.


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