Why Spend A Saturday Doing Genealogy?

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The WordPress prompt for February 28, 2015, was Me Time: What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

My ideal Saturday morning starts with a cup of coffee, a plate of breakfast snacks—sliced bananas, nuts, dried cranberries, cheese cubes, etc.—, the morning newspapers, and a cat-covered blanket on my lap.

Beyond that, my idea of an “ideal” Saturday morning varies. My next ideal Saturday morning will involve rereading my post KILLED STRANGELY: A NEW ENGLAND MURDER STORY reviewing the origins of my paternal genealogy—the Cornell family of Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

The Cornell house

The Cornell house

I want to do this because I recently received an email from the in-Sweden Swedish genealogist in my family, Ann Aberg. She forwarded me an email from Conni, an ancestryfriend, she was in Cornell family.

Connie noted that she and Ann have a common ancestor: William Staples Cornell. William is my grandfather. He was married to Ida Victoria Berg, a Swedish immigrant. Therein lies the Swedish connection.

Conni mentioned that another Cornell descendent (from the Cornell line which founded Cornell University) and that, in a phone conversation, he confirmed a connection between the Cornell family and Lizzy Borden, and the connection between the Cornell and the Cornwell/Cornwall genealogy (which I have yet to run into).

I decided to call Conni. We had a delightful conversation after which I felt I found a friend. During the conversation I was able to explain about Ida’s name (how did Thor fit in?) and about the death of William and Ida’s 2-year old son. I would like to continue this conversation on my ideal Saturday morning—she seems to have a wealth of information I don’t have, and I know my files will benefit her research.

The Cornell (historical) Cemetery

The Cornell (historical) Cemetery

We exchanged book titles. She was unfamiliar with Killed Strangely: the Story of Rebecca Cornell, and I referred her to my post, KILLED STRANGELY: A NEW ENGLAND MURDER STORY (which she read and retruned an interesting email). I’m unfamiliar with the book Freedom Road: An American Family Saga from Jamestown to World War, written by her cousin Ric Murphy, who lived in Massachusetts and found the records that are not on the internet.

Although I cannot delve into my genealogy materials until after Easter, I did send her a copy of the Coheeset Cemetery record that included information on the Cornell family.

Unfortunately, I’m not following through on this particular ideal Saturday morning at this time because I have committed the first three months of 2015—January 15-March 15— to completing a first draft of my historic (romance) novel. I’ve already had to extend the time by 6 days due to life happenings I couldn’t avoid.

It’s unlikely that Conni and I will ever meet in person. She lives in Missouri and I live in Pennsylvania. Perhaps, however, she will sometime travel to Massachusets and we can meet there.

Perhaps then we could have another ideal Saturday morning.


Cornell Family Dialogue Via Blog Post Comments


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2 Responses to Why Spend A Saturday Doing Genealogy?

  1. Grace ( & Fred) Wells says:

    Interesting picture of you in the cemetery – could you read any of the inscriptions on the tombstones ?


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