Laurel Mountain Borough (PA): A Place to Visit

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The WP prompt for February 23, 2015, is Local Flavor…write about a typically “local” experience from where you come from, as though it’s an entry in a travel guide.

091223 IMG_9646eI’ve excerpted the following from a previous post,  on CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS, the predecessor to Carolyn’s Online MagazineLaurel Mountain Borough, Pennsylvania: Quaint

100214 DSC06176e

090816 IMG_4533e I am often asked why I don’t frequent the parks in my park-rich region. My response:

When I step out any door in my Laurel Mountain Borough (Pennsylvania) home I’m in a park. I’m surrounded by bird-filled trees; squirrels scampering for their share of the birdfeed; an occasional deer family stretched out on their back legs as they reach for apples on the tree outside our back door; wandering through the property, or a bear peeking in our living room window—all these things take me back to the days of yesteryear.

050403-06E2Night skies are clearly visible at any point they are not blocked by tall hemlock pines or hardwood trees. The stars have permission to shine brightly because the community does not have street lights. The only way to light your path is to carry a flashlight.

Perhaps the poem below will explain it further:

Laurel Mountain Borough—not the modernist’s town

Upon the gravel roads, those people would frown

No streetlights, no stores, no asphalt to boot

So quiet the night, you hear screech owl hoots.

Filled with the pinks of Mountain Laurel


And skittering critters, including the squirrels

With residents appearing to be saints

The atmosphere is really quite quaint.

Tucked into the Laurel Ridge foothills

Here once stood a needed lumber mill.

Now trees—hemlock and oak—are gigantic

They hold many secrets of the romantic,

It’s a place on earth like no other,

For parents, sister and brother

It’s here my life I’ll live out

With a laud of hurrah and a shout.


     Now that you’ve discovered poetry is not my genre, I’ll offer you the following limerick:

 The Borough is named Laurel Mountain

It has tall trees, too many for countin’

The aura is quite quaint

But you will find no complaint

Its riches flow through like a fountain.

090626 DSC02127e

     Did either of these two creations give you the feeling that Laurel Mountain Borough is unique? Does either creation inspire you to visit my community? If so, let me know. I will take you on a tour of its one mile of roads.

091227 IMG_9634e

To read the complete original piece click on Laurel Mountain Borough, Pennsylvania: Quaint


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1 Response to Laurel Mountain Borough (PA): A Place to Visit

  1. Grace ( & Fred) Wells says:

    A bear peeking in your living room windows – !!!!! I hope y’all own a bb gun or paintball gun !


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