Rethink Church Lenten Photos: Week 1

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During Lent Rethink Church*, a ministry of the United Methodist (Church) Communications, is sponsoring a photo-a-day challenge based on reflections and perceptions of their word for the day.

Each Thursday during Lent I will post the coming week’s words and a photo for each—sometimes with an explanation.

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Rethink Church Lenten Photos: Week 1

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The words for the first week (plus one day) are: announce, look, alone, joy, celebrate, covenant, path, and remember.

ANNOUNCE (February 18)

On October 7, 2006, my husband Monte and my niece Erin and her husband Greg and children Paige and Morgan climbed Schoodic Mountain in Maine. I had to announce my success at having made it to the top of the first mountain I ever walked up. When we have good news, we want to announce it.


LOOK  (February 19)

As I looked through my airplane window at the Boston airport where my plane was landing I observed a mish-mash of messy tracks. After all, the Ice Storm of 1998 had just occurred. The pilot needed direction to find the correct path to safely land the plane. Very often I need guidance to make my way through the messy paths of life. At these times I reach out toward God.

Boston airport January 2, 1998, after the ice storm

Boston airport January 2, 1998, after the ice storm

ALONE (February 20)

There is nothing more alone than being in a jail cell and hearing the door click shut. However, even though we feel like we are in jail because of trials that seem to have no exit, we truly are not alone. God is always with us.


JOY (February 21)

The joy on Ann’s face is obvious as she dances to 1950s music on the Diamond in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. Do you experience such joy when confronting a God-experience?

IMG_4378E2CELEBRATE (February 22)

Back to the top of Schoodic Mountain. The main character in the novel I’m writing, Rosalie de Leval, climbed the mountain October 17, 1791—215 years before my climb on October 7, 2006. She climbed the mountain to see her promised land—part of 220,000 acres—on which she planned to develop a French community for her countrymen in America waiting out the French Revolution. Before she descended the mountain she celebrated by tossing pebbles over the side of the mountain and shouting Hurrahs. Do you shout Hurrahs to God when you celebrate accomplishments?


COVENANT (February 23)

The smallest interhuman covenant is between two people, and is represented by marriage. This covenant should have a third party, however—God—to bring it the most success.


PATH (February 24)

Back to Schoodic Mountain—this picture shows a relatively save part of the climb. Other parts of the path were quite dangerous, and a slip on the pebbles could send one tumbling down the side of the mountain. Life is oftentimes like that—our journey is on narrow pebbly paths on the edge of cliffs. God can give us courage to continue our journey through these difficult paths if we let him.


REMEMBER (February 25)

June Swartz and Virginia DePew were two good friends when we lived outside Slippery Rock in the late 1970s to the early 1980s. This photo is a reminder of their friendship. My how they enjoyed the cat pillows I made them for Christmas. It’s good to remember former friends and those friends who have preceeded us to God’s house.



*The Rethink Church ministry is a major campaign launched May 6, 2009. The campaign aims to spark a global conversation around the question, “What if church were a verb?” Its goal is to encourage a global spiritual dialogue both within and outside the church. It looks to

  • redefine the church experience as one that extends beyond our doors and seeks to transform the world.
  • connect with the people in the pews of The United Methodist Church, to see our local church in a much broader way – not solely as a building in which we worship, but as a conduit into our communities through which we may live out our faith by touching people’s lives.

RETHINK CHURCH asks the question, “What has God called The United Methodist Church to be in the 21st century?” and calls us to refocus on the following:  to see church in a way closely aligned with scripture, to be sent into the world, and to be more faithful to the tradition of John Wesley who believed the world was his parish.

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  1. Grace ( & Fred) Wells says:

    Carolyn, are you still in jail ? When are visiting hours ? Are you allowed to receive mail ?


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