I Created a New Word: Writography. Or Did I?

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I called the vet to make an initial appointment for the pet that just adopted us.

“What kind of pet do you have?” the receptionist asked.

“A cat.”

She asked me a bunch of other questions and gave me an appointment time.  Only then did she ask me the cat’s name.

“Little Dog,” I said.

“I thought you said you had a cat,” she responded.

“We do,” I said. “But we have trouble naming things and my husband Monte doesn’t know the difference between a cat and a dog, so we began calling her Little Dog. And the name stuck.”

Naming Little Dog demonstrates the struggle Monte and I have naming things.

Bird watching

Bird watching

When I set up my first WordPress blog, which developed into a magazine format, the naming question reappeared. What should I name it? Somehow I decided on CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS, something short, sweet, simple, easy to remember.

Fast forward six years. CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS  published 1,337 posts and the storage space percent indicates 71% of the allowed blog space is filled. It catches my eye because the number is red—warning me that I’m coming to the end of the blog space WordPress allows.

I took the warning seriously and decided if I needed to create a new blog site in the near future  the best time to do so was with the incoming new year—January 1, 2015. I intended it to be a follow-up to and a continuation of CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS

With the creation of a new blog came a challenge: what should I name it? Remember, naming things is an overwhelming task for me.

I wanted the name to be relevant, familiar, easy to remember, and to have a connection to CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS. I tossed around numerous names, always returning to Carolyn’s Online Magazine. However, I felt that at 23 spaces it was a little too long. I thought about using its acronym, COMe  (Credible, Observant, Motivated, ethical), as the website address, but wasn’t certain it would keep the first three letters in upper case, so I discredited it.

While discussing the blog-naming with a friend, an unfamiliar, new word popped into my mind: writography. Writography. A combination of what my magazine is about, writing and photography. What a neat word—it describes my online magazine as it developed on CAROLYN’S COMPOSITIONS

I looked up writographer online and didn’t find anything. But as much as I liked the word I felt it was too strange to use as a blog title. So I rejected it. However, I used it in the one sentence description of Carolyn’s Online Magazine that is found on the magazine’s header:

  • A multi-genre, multi-topic writography magazine.

Before I posted this article I decided to surf the Internet, looking for the word writography. The results? I discovered my new word wasn’t quite so original as I thought it was. Note the following blog: writographyblog.wordpress.com. It’s only post begins as follows:

  • You’re probably asking, what the heck is writography?…In a world where art means truly anything, I’m combining my two passions, photography and writing into one. You know that old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, I find this to be very true…

Had I not rejected writography for my online magazine name the WordPress host site would have rejected it for me.

While surfing the net, however, I discovered something neat. By using the word writography on my header every time I post an article it is listed under the search term writography:

I wonder what these round things taste like

I wonder what these round things taste like

NOTE: The WordPress daily prompt for January 28, 2015, is Play Lexographer: Create a new word and explain its meaning and etymology.

Perhaps I didn’t create a new word—my word already existed—but at least I played the Lexigrapher game.

About carolyncholland

In several if my nine lives I have been a medical lab technician and a human service worker specializing in child day care, adoptions and family abuse. Currently I am a photo/journalist/writer working on a novel and a short story. My general writings can be viewed at www.carolyncholland.wordpress.com. My novel site is www.intertwinedlove.wordpress.com.
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3 Responses to I Created a New Word: Writography. Or Did I?

  1. I hope Monte is doing fine , I haven’t seen a post lately on Upper Room. Keep up the Writography. May God Bless you both.


    • Monte is doing well. Shoveling snow nowadays. But he still is responding (he says he does some on Upper Room members’ blogs).
      Thank you and everyone else for supporting my magazine site. May God bless all of you. Carolyn


  2. Grace ( & Fred) Wells says:

    btw – how’s Little Dog doing now days ?


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